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15 of the Absolute Best Podcasts for Teachers


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Introducing HMH’s podcasts on everything education! Teachers in America brings you real stories from educators across the country. Teachers sit down to discuss everything from their everyday challenges to how they build student relationships. On Shaping the Future, experts explore the ideas and innovations that will influence the future of education.

If you’re like us, you’ve been listening to more podcasts lately. That’s why we scoped out some of the best, most inspirational, must-listen podcasts for teachers to queue up in the coming months. Listen in!

1. For feeling empathy, validation, and just plain normal about your stressful teaching life…

Teachers in American podcast cover

Our favorite HMH podcast, Teachers in America, is gearing up for its fourth season, and host Noelle Morris is still listening and learning from her fellow K-12 educators from across the country. Each interview brings new classroom insights, teacher tips, and personal stories from a range of guests across grade levels and disciplines. You’ll hear your own experiences in theirs as you listen and come away with a new appreciation for why the work teachers do is so vital. This is one of our favorite, must-listen podcasts!

2. To reflect on teaching with a different lens…

Teaching Keating podcast cover

Teaching Keating with Weston and Molly Kieschnick is a podcast where a husband and wife educator team uses iconic teaching moments from movies and television as a vehicle to reflect on instructional practice. They are fun to listen to and always bring it back to the importance and value of reflection in a teacher’s life.

3. To hear real-life teacher stories, struggles, and strategies…

"This Teacher Life" podcast cover

Dig into the nitty gritty with This Teacher Life hosted by Monica Genta, a four-time author and Ted Talk speaker. Hear about #teachertired, classroom relationship building, negativity in school, and other specific topics that can help you be your best teacher self.

4. For educator support to ensure equity at your school…

Leading Equity podcast cover

Leading Equity’s host, Dr. Sheldon L. Eakins, has been an educator for over 11 years has a passion for bringing equity and cultural awareness to schools. Through this podcast, get tools and resources to bring equity to your school with guest star voices in equity bringing expert opinions to the table.

5. For gaining new broad educational and leadership insights for the future…

Shaping the future podcast cover

Hosted by Matthew Mugo Fields, HMH’s Shaping the Future encourages progress within education by providing insights and inspiration. With episodes exploring what the education industry can learn from other fields, Shaping the Future invites experts and innovators to share ways to prepare students for the future, no matter what it holds.

6. Because building your book inventory is imperative…

The Book Love Foundation

Celebrate a joy of reading and being a teacher with The Book Love Foundation Podcast. Penny Kittle and her guests talk about how to develop a love of reading in students. It is a show filled with information, inspiration, and, of course, book love.

7. When you want to make better use of classroom time…

Flipped Learning Worldwide

If flipping your classroom has always intrigued you, but you’ve never had time to dive into the idea, Flipped Learning Worldwide can give you a quick introduction to some key ideas.

8. To brush up on all the details of being a teacher…

Ten-Minute Teacher Podcast

The Ten-Minute Teacher Podcast  is unique in that it offers five episodes a week, each focusing on different themes in education. You can tune in to Motivational Mondays, EdTech Tool Tuesdays, Wonderful Classroom Wednesdays, Thought Leader Thursdays, and Five Idea Fridays. Each episode features a short interview with a remarkable teacher. This show provides a lot of variety and freshness to keep you thinking about new angles in education.

9. For digging deeper into what makes a creative person…

The Creative Classroom

The Creative Classroom has episodes about growth mindset, project-based learning, design thinking, and, of course, creativity. Here’s where you can find what moves you to be creative and how to inspire that in your students. Like what you hear? Check out John Spencer’s website. He offers up lots of creative ideas.

10. When you’re in the mood for a solo lunch in your classroom, listen to…

Truth for Teachers

Truth for Teachers is Angela Watson’s way of giving back to every listening teacher. Each Sunday, a new short episode is released to speak life, encouragement, and truth into the minds and hearts of educators. Want more of Angela? Check out her 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club.

11. Because learning the backstory of your favorite teaching material is always interesting…

Must-listen podcasts

The Heinemann podcast takes three of our favorite things—books, teachers, and teaching ideas—and talks to teachers and Heinemann authors about them for about twenty minutes. Also find more helpful resources on the Heinemann Blog.

12. To really dig into educational technology…

The House of #EdTech Podcast -- must-listen podcasts

The House of #EdTech Podcast is a great resource if you want to learn about new apps, tech resources, and programs you can use in your classroom. With a little help from Christopher Nesi, host and founder of The Education Podcast Network, you’ll soon be using new education technologies in your classroom with aplomb.

13. For the educational news and inspiration you need to know about…

Class dismissed podcast cover

Listen to Class Dismissed to get the breakdown on news topics that can directly affect you as an educator. 30-45 minute episodes from vetted hosts will leave you with the information and inspiration you need in current and trending teacher topics.

14. For actionable teaching strategies, tips, and secrets of the trade…

Cult of Pedagogy podcast cover

The Cult of Pedagogy host Jennifer Gonzalez digs into all things teaching, from classroom management to technology tools and teacher tips. You’re sure to find a topic that hits home. These podcasts provide great summaries and insights into important educational topics with informative guest interviews.

15. For when you need ideas, inspiration, and creativity in your life…

Spark creativity teacher podcast

The Spark Creativity Teacher Podcast focuses on middle and high school projects and ideas that can keep busy teachers fresh and creative in the classroom. Guest stars help host Besty Potash unravel subjects such as SEL, creative learning techniques, and writing workshops.

When you’re pressed for time (and who isn’t?), these must-listen podcasts are a great way to fit a little learning and even a sense of professional community into your life. Choose a few to subscribe to, and you’ll find they fit into the corners of your life quite neatly.

What are the must-listen podcasts you listen to? Share in the comments below.

15 of the Absolute Best Podcasts for Teachers


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