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4 Influencer Collaborations that Work & Why: November 2021

Every month, the Traackr Beauty Brand Leaderboard reports influencer performance insights for 1400+ brands in the beauty and personal care categories. For each brand, Traackr measures the number of activated influencers, mentions, engagements, and VIT across influencer-generated content on social media platforms. 

The Brand Vitality Score (VIT) measures brand performance in influencer content by creating an aggregate score of visibility (reach), impact (engagement), and brand trust (quality of brand mention).

This month we are breaking down the top UK influencer collaborations in the following categories: Top Performers, Most Mentioned, and Best Post Efficiency

  • Brands featured: Mehron, Charlotte Tilbury, MAC, and EOS
  • Key learnings: Create timely activations, tap into the power of mid-tier influencers, and prioritize brand affinity in your influencer marketing strategy.  

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Best influencer collab: Dominique Allison (@dominiqueallisonx)

  • Top Performing Brand: VIT Measures Brand Performance in Influencer Content
  • Great Engagement Rate 
  • Quality Content 
  • Timely Activations

What makes it work?

  • Hooked on the Halloween look: Mehron might have shot to the top of the charts because of Top-Tier creator, Tiffany Hunt, who earned the brand 7.93K in VIT during October. However, we were more interested in the beauty brand’s collaboration with mid-tier influencer Dominique Allison. Why? Because despite having a significantly smaller audience, she still managed to be one of the top three VIT contributors for the brand in October. The talented makeup artist showcased Mehron’s makeup products all month long in her different Halloween makeup looks earning an average engagement rate of 17.4% on 10 of her Instagram Reel videos. Instead of following along with typical Halloween looks, Dominique tapped into the rising interest in astrological signs and created a series of astrological makeup looks. The fact that there are 12 signs also made it easy for her to showcase Mehron’s products throughout the entire month!

Charlotte Tilbury 

Best influencer collab: Jacinta Spencer (@jacintaspencer)

  • Top Performing Brand: VIT Measures Brand Performance in Influencer Content
  • Efficient Content

What makes it work?

  • Magic mids: Charlotte Tilbury secured itself in the top three this month because of their mid-tier influencer (50K+ followers) partnerships. As a top VIT contributor for the month, we were intrigued by Jacinta Spencer. What specifically piqued our interest was how she utilizes her social platforms differently. For example, Jacinta showcased her Charlotte Tilbury makeup look on TikTok, and then pointed her audience to her Instagram reel for a more in-depth look at the products featured. Choosing creators who understand the differences between social platforms will help you speak more effectively to your target consumer. 

Learn more about how the mid-tier can help you build a program that steadily improves in our case study with Avène.


Best influencer collab: Dominic Skinner (@dominic_mua)

  • Most Mentioned Brands: Brands with the Most Influencer Mentions
  • Quality Content 
  • Long-Term Partnerships

What makes it work? 

  • Wealth of knowledge: Elevating brand advocates is becoming an increasingly important element in your influencer marketing strategy. MAC does a wonderful job of leveraging their MAC creators including Dominic Skinner, a MAC Global Senior Artist and certified “Makeup Geek.” In October alone, Dominic mentioned MAC 54 times contributing 1.11K VIT to the brand. As a walking MAC encyclopedia, Dominic provides unique insights about the brand and products like in his pink brow tutorial. The knowledge and passion that Dominic is able to share with his audience fuels this fantastic partnership. 


Best influencer collab: Hayley Morris (@hayleygeorgiamorris)

  • Best post efficiency: Brands earning the most VIT per Influencer Mention
  • Unconventional Partner 
  • Great Storytelling
  • High Engagement

What makes it work? 

  • Brand affinity >> everything else: We frequently hear comments along the lines of “#ad looks inauthentic, it’ll turn customers away from our brand.” Rarely do we find this to be the case. When a brand genuinely aligns with a creator’s values, it in fact builds more trust among your consumer. Great storytelling is a strong sign of accomplishing this brand affinity. A fantastic example of this is Hayley Morris featuring EOS’s shaving products in one of her hilarious TikTok videos. Hayley, known for her ‘Me vs. 🧠” videos, realistically shares what happens when you don’t use shaving cream – in real life and in your mind. EOS’s whole campaign of #EOSVagnastics (which gained 21.7 Million views on TikTok) showcases realistic experiences folks go through when shaving. Humor + value = a winning campaign. 

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