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8 Back to School Best Sellers

There are so many ways to determine the best products for back to school. Some have received great customer reviews, some represent new and emerging trends, and some are just those classic school supplies that every teacher and student needs. But for this list, we’re digging into an overall indicator of exceptional quality… customers can’t get enough of it! Whatever the reason, these are 8 back to school best sellers our customers love to buy, over and over, and we know you will, too!

1. School Smart Composition Book

School Smart Flexible Cover Ruled Composition Book, 8-1/2 x 7 Inches, 48 Sheets

The classic composition book is the ultimate tool for students, teachers, parents, grandparents, young kids, old kids… umm, maybe a few animals? Anyone who needs to write down or sketch or calculate or notate at a moment’s notice. So maybe not animals yet.

2. Abilitations Chewable Massager

Abilitations Wiggle Wandz, Dog and Cat, Set of 2

These adorable dog and cat vibrating massagers are game changers for sensory seeking students.

3. Califone Noise Canceling Headphones

noise canceling headphones
Califone Hearing Safe Hearing Protector Ear Muffs

There are sensory seekers, but there are also sensory avoiders. These headphones are great for students who may experience auditory overstimulation during loud activities like fire drills or pep rallies. They can also be used to help provide a quiet environment in a classroom reading corner.

4. Sandtastik Therapy Play Sand

therapy play sand
Sandtastik Therapy Play Sand, 25 Pounds, White

Therapy play sand is a staple in early childhood and special needs classrooms. Who doesn’t love playing with sand? We won’t tell if you happen to buy an extra box for yourself. T-Rex not included, but it looks like fun so we sell those, too!

5. School Smart Assorted Color Folders

colorful folders
School Smart 2-Pocket Folder, Letter Size, Assorted Colors, Pack of 25

If you’re wondering why we sell a lot of these, it’s because they’re colorful folders and people love them because they’re colorful folders. Best not think too deeply on this one. Occam’s Razor and all that.

6. Ozobot Robotics Classroom Kit

robotics and coding kit
Ozobot Evo Educational Coding Robot Classroom Kit, Crystal White, Pack of 12

Coding and robotics are a huge part of our present and future, and there’s no better time than now to get students learning this valuable skill. Teachers love this all-in-one kit that provides kids a solid starting point towards endless STEM opportunities.

7. School Smart Modeling Clay

colorful modeling clay
School Smart Modeling Clay, 1 Pound, Assorted Primary Colors

This colorful modeling clay can be used again and again. Whether it’s by hand or using tools, this clay is excellent for practice with sculpting, blending, texturing, thinning, scraping, poking, and cutting.

8. School Smart Highlighters

colorful highlighters
School Smart Highlighters, Chisel Tip, Pen Style, Assorted Colors, Pack of 48

Some of the best products are crossover items that benefit teachers and students of all ages. These highlighters definitely fit that bill! Young students can use them for coloring, while older students and teachers utilize them for organization, highlighting text, grading papers and projects, and… let’s be real here, sometimes they color, too.

Back to School Best Sellers Can’t Be Beat

Sure, we love it when teachers buy from School Specialty. But it’s even better when we can see how much they love the quality and value of our products by buying them again, year after year. That’s how we know these are the back to school essentials our teachers trust!

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