8 Cool Science & STEM Products for Your Homeschool Curriculum


Regardless of age, science and STEM skills are a core necessity for at-home curriculum planning. The integration of art enables hard sciences and soft skills—like imagination, collaboration, and empathy—to coexist. Creative thinking is essential for taking a leap forward in STEM, and hand-on tools can help you create an engaging at-home STEAM environment for your children.

Check out these 8 innovative products that offer the best of both STEM and STEAM worlds!

Yellow Door Dinosaur Bone Match & Measure Set and Activity Cards

Now here’s some manipulatives your young learners will “dig”! Set of 16 realistic dinosaur bone toys come in 4 different lengths (from 2-1/4 to 8 inches) to help teach the most prehistoric math skills like sequencing, sorting, ordering, counting, and beyond. Play a few rounds of “bury-go-seek” and see if your students can excavate bones hidden inside a sand or water table, a garden soil bed, or around the home. Once found, kids can match bones to their proper place on the matching fossil-like activity cards (sold separately).

Crayola creatED Moved by Math Family Engagement Kits

Watch even the most hesitant STEM learners turn math into a masterpiece with Crayola creatED kits! The addition of art is proven to help children of all ages to better engage and retain complex science and math concepts. That’s why Moved by Math boxes let parents and caretakers subtract the boring textbook, add over 30 Crayola arts and crafts supplies, and multiply 3 visual project-based ideas that teach foundational math concepts in a creative, non-intimidating way.

Corwin From STEM to STEAM Paperback Book, Second Edition

Teaching is both an art and a science. It’s no wonder then that student creativity is a critical ingredient to at-home STEM learning. Whether you’re looking for inspiration on how to add a makerspace to your home or want ready-to-go, classroom-tested K-12 STEAM lesson plans, this renowned From STEM to STEAM resource book has you and all your at-home students’ learning styles covered! 

Carson Dellosa World of Eric Carle Flash Cards

From car rides to homeschool lessons, use any free moment to learn with World of Eric Carle flash cards! Little readers in grades PreK to 1 can now practice, recite, and master the art of ABC’s, 123’s, colors, shapes, and words as they flip through familiar hand-painted illustrations by author Eric Carle. Complement with The Hungry Caterpillar (which celebrated 50 years in 2019 as a leading children’s book!), The Grouchy Ladybug, and Carle’s other classics for extra reinforcement.

School Specialty Little People Big Dreams Book Series

The classic question “What do you want to be when you grow up?” takes on a magical, page-turning answer with the Little People, BIG Dreams book series for kids! Educational entertainment at its finest, this set of 30 mini biographies captures the life of the iconic greats and how each was once a child with a big imagination (just like the rest of us!). And what makes these books legendary for kids AND nostalgic adults: the quirky cartoonish illustrations, simple age-appropriate text (grades PreK to 2), and extra facts and biographical timeline at back.

Channie’s Cursive Writing Tools:
Visual Dry-Erase Cursive Magnetic Board Set & Easy Peasy Cursive Workbook

Step away from the screens, please! It’s time for your at-home students to try some good old-fashioned pen-to-paper handwriting practice with Channie’s cursive writing tool aids (which are designed by Chan, a dad who had a simple desire to help his own son succeed at handwriting). With 16 U.S. states now requiring cursive handwriting as part of at-home learning curriculum, it’s time to bring back this art and skill.

Matatalab STEM Coding Set

Welcome young learners to the a-MAZE-ing world of coding…without a computer or screen. Yes, the unique Matatalab STEM Coding Set will feel more like playtime than programming with its hands-on, screen-free adventure game design. Children can decide where and how to steer the adorable MatataBot (robot car) through outdoor trails or an urban city with flags and buildings on the double-sided game mat. An intuitive command tower with image recognition and set of 37 coding blocks with graphic function symbols make creating a series of commands easier than ever!

Geyer Instructional General Skills Robotics Challenge Mat

With this mat, robot pals can drive straight or do a dance. Try a combined straight and turn, try out light and color sensor play, or do a robot dance challenge. The programming trials are truly endless. Plus, children can visually “see” the lines just like the robots do when they follow their programmed code paths. This is a must-have for discovery centers! Simply put it on the floor or fit onto a standard FLL competition table and try out robot testing stations.

New products can refresh homeschool lessons and foster STEAM skills in exciting ways. From robotics to handwriting, innovative products will help you to empower and inspire your students for at-home education.


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