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A new and improved Dyson Airwrap is coming out this summer

Apologies in advance to your bank account: A next-generation Dyson Airwrap is on the horizon.

The updated styler will feature new attachments that make it faster and easier to style your hair without exposing it to damaging heat, including a barrel that can curl hair clockwise and counter-clockwise, firm and soft brushes, a dual-purpose smoothing dryer (similar to a Dyson Supersonic nozzle), and a wide-tooth comb for curly and coily hair. It also appears to come in a sleek new bronze-y finish, sort of like the limited-edition Copper/Silver Airwrap from the 2020 holiday season.

Dyson has yet to announce a price or release date for its new Airwrap (beyond “summer 2022”), but it’ll presumably cost more than the original version, which retails for $550. Start saving.

From left to right: The new Airwrap’s smoothing dryer, curling barrel, and brush attachment.
Credit: Dyson

Dyson said in a press release that its “relentlessly dissatisfied” engineers were challenged to update the Airwrap’s design to take better advantage of the Coanda effect. (For the uninitiated, that’s the aerodynamic phenomenon created by the Airwrap’s high-pressure motor, which allows it to gently pull and wrap hair around its barrel to dry while adding volume.) The new and improved version will supposedly be more versatile and easier to use, but will still avoid high temperatures to keep hair healthy.

Some good news for anyone who already owns the original Airwrap: You’ll be able to upgrade to all of those new attachments. The wide-tooth comb is already available on its website for $39.99, and you can get one for free if your Airwrap is still under its two-year warranty — just fill out this form on the Dyson website to claim it.

Some good news for anyone who doesn’t already own an Airwrap: This will probably make the current version way easier to find, especially on the refurbished market. We’re not holding out hope that it’ll get any cheaper when the new model comes out, but that would be nice, too.

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