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Add the Hoover Smart Wash Carpet Cleaner to your Walmart+ Weekend cart for only $199

SAVE $120: Cleaner carpets aren’t a pipe dream. Walmart+ members can snag the Hoover Smart Wash Pet Complete Carpet Cleaner on sale for just $199 during Walmart+ Weekend — that’s 37% in savings as of June 2 at 3 p.m. ET.

Most pet parents have all but given up on ever having clean carpets. But it’s not just a pipe dream. You just need the proper tool for the job: an actual carpet cleaner.

As of June 2 at 3 p.m. ET, you can get the Hoover Smart Wash Pet Complete Carpet Cleaner on sale for just $199 for Walmart+ Weekend. It’s regularly $319, so you’ll keep the extra $120 in your pocket. The catch? It’s only available at this discounted price until June 5 at 7 p.m. ET (while supplies last) and you must be a Walmart+ member to take advantage of the deal. (You can still sign up for Walmart+ here).

The Hoover Smart Wash Pet Complete is a carpet cleaning machine designed with pet parents in mind. It automatically mixes and dispenses the cleaning solution for you for optimal cleaning and utilizes an auto-dry technology that delivers powerful extraction. Translation: you barely have to do any work.

To use the Smart Wash Pet Complete, just push it forward like a vacuum to clean and pull it back to dry. There’s no need to suffer through sopping wet floors while waiting for them to dry on their own. Use the removable Spot Chaser Pretreat Wand to target all of those set-in pet stains beforehand or as you go. Then watch as the Flex Force Pet Power Brushes do their thing and remove deep-down dirt while resisting pet odors. There’s even an antimicrobial scrubbing tool included to tackle your stairs, couch, and other upholstery.

It’s not magic, so don’t expect a miracle. But if you’ve accepted that being a pet parent automatically means having messy floors, the Hoover Smart Wash Pet Complete may just prove you wrong.

This $120 off deal is only available to Walmart+ members for Walmart+ Weekend while supplies last, so if you want it, hop to it.

Credit: Hoover

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