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Amazon’s Smart Thermostat is even more affordable for today only

At $59.99, Amazon’s Smart Thermostat is among the most affordable options out there that can intelligently tweak the temperature of your home and take voice commands via Alexa. But today’s deal at Amazon, Target, and Best Buy knocks $12 off of that price, and $47.99 matches the best deal we’ve seen on this smart home gadget yet. And just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it’s lacking in features or quality. My colleague Jennifer Pattison Tuohy called it “a $60 stunner” in her review, praising its clean design and smart features that live up to their promises.

If you have one or more devices that recharge via USB-C, you owe it to yourself to snag a speedy charger. RavPower no longer has a presence on Amazon because it violated platform rules by offering gift cards in exchange for reviews. But at its own direct-to-consumer site, the brand is offering up to 30 percent off your order when you use the code LOU30 and purchase two items. If you only want one item, the code LOU25 will take 25 percent off (the prices below reflect the price you should see by using the 25 percent off code).

The brand makes some of the most reliable rechargeable battery packs, as well as fast wall chargers. I can’t vouch for everything that it sells, but several Verge staffers have purchased and enjoyed RavPower products previously.

Logitech’s boldest colorway (blue and pink) of the excellent G435 gaming headset is $59 at Amazon and Walmart, which is $20 off its original price. I ranked this as my favorite wireless gaming headset in our buying guide for a few reasons. Compared to pricier competition, they offer a surprising amount of features, and they deliver on comfort.

The design (and particularly, this vibrant colorway) may not be for everyone. Though I love that, for this price, the G435 headset allows for dual connectivity via its included USB-A transmitter and Bluetooth, so you can take calls mid-game without yanking off the headset. It can recharge via USB-C.

If you had been holding out on getting Amazon’s latest Kindle Paperwhite e-reader that has USB-C charging and adjustable screen color temperature, now may be your moment to strike. The ad-supported model costs $109.99 ($30 off), and if you have an older Kindle, Amazon will give you 20 percent off of this new one, plus a gift card for your trade-in (the value of which varies, depending on your model).

Chaim Gartenberg, an avid reader at The Verge, said in his review that this Kindle Paperwhite is “its biggest redesign in a decade.” In addition to the features that I mentioned above, its screen is also bigger, it sports wireless charging, and it has additional LEDs for more consistent backlighting. I credit Chaim solely for influencing Amazon to implement these updates.

Other deals that you might enjoy

  • Apple’s latest iPad with 256GB of storage is $30 off at Amazon. This model typically doesn’t see many discounts. You can grab it for $449 instead of $479.
  • LG’s 27-inch Ultragear QHD gaming monitor with a 144Hz refresh rate and fast 1ms response time (and the nice-to-have G-Sync compatibility for Nvidia GPUs) is still $279.99 at Amazon. That’s $100 off its regular price, and really, anything below $300 is a steal.
  • Elgato’s Facecam 1080p webcam that was featured in a recent Verge video is 17 percent off its usual $199.99 price. You can pick it up at Amazon for $166.99, but note that it doesn’t feature a built-in microphone. So, you’ll need to supply your own.

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