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Apple Daddy, a meme template, and editable messages: Everything Apple revealed at WWDC 2022

This year’s Apple WWDC didn’t give us the AR/VR announcement we’d hoped for, but it was still an experience.

Most of that was due to Craig Federighi’s tour-de-force emceeing and a screenshot that was begging to be meme-ed.

But there were also some exciting moments related to the purpose of the event, including some major software upgrades and an overall focus on privacy. Here’s a roundup of everything you need to know from WWDC 2022.

Shoutout to Apple Daddy

First and foremost, we have to pay tribute to the man who carried this event on his back, because most of it was actually pretty boring. Craig Federighi is Apple’s VP of software engineering who should quit his day job because that man has charisma with a capital “C.” Where’s his talk show?

Throughout the two-hour event, Federighi shocked and delighted a captivated audience with his commanding presence and committed wholeheartedly to several bits that you know Tim Cook never would’ve agreed to. Thanks to Federighi’s scene-stealing ways in previous Apple events, he’s already been described as a “daddy” and “a mood” by this very publication before. But this time, Federighi emceed most of the event, which really let him stretch his wings. As Mashable’s Alex Perry points out, “Craig Federighi was born for this.”

Now on to the actual announcements. Today’s event unveiled the latest iPhone operating system. One feature that already has the internet abuzz is the ability to edit or undo iMessages. If only this had been around for Succession‘s Roman Roy.

iOS 16 has major improvements to Maps, an “always-on” lock screen with widgets, new Wallet and Apple Pay features, real time iCloud photo-sharing, and updated parental controls. The new Safety Check tool allows users to cut off access to data and location-sharing and was built with victims of domestic abuse in mind.

Behold, the much-rumored lockscreen.
Credit: Apple

Macs also got a new operating system. The new macOS is named Ventura, a somewhat random California city to choose from — unless you’re a surfer or you work for Patagonia. Taking privacy, continuity, and productivity into account, features include a new password-less verification system called passkey, the ability to seamlessly transfer FaceTime across devices, shareable tab groups, and a new tool called Stage Manager which is not, as it sounds, a tool to help parents get their kids into show business.

Image of macOS ventura on different mac devices
Lots to look forward to with macOS Ventura this fall.
Credit: Apple

All-around improvements to watchOS make the Apple Watch a major standout in the fitness tracking game. New features include improved motion sensors to identify and track different types of movements, detailed sleep tracking, and AFib and heart-rate monitoring.

There’s also a new feature for logging and scheduling medications, because if Apple already knows this much about your body, why not share a little more?

Image of Apple Watches showing different features from the new os
The excuse you’ve been waiting for to start exercising… lol
Credit: Apple

Apple announced major upgrades to the MacBook Air today, starting with its performance. The new Macbook Air is the first Mac to have the M2 chip, which is Apple’s most powerful processor. The Air also has a redesigned body, larger screen, and weighs just 2.7 pounds.

Not to be outdone, the MacBook pro will also be upgraded with an M2 chip.

Image of macbook air
Also a magsafe charger again! Finally!
Credit: Apple

The new operating system for the iPad has all of the same new features as iOS 16 and macOS Ventura, as well as others that cement the iPad’s status as a leader in versatility. That includes an improved display to make it a better second screen, along with a new app called Freeform which is like a shareable blank canvas for real-time collaboration.

Image of ipad and desktok mac showing new os features
Inter-device collaboration at its best.
Credit: Apple

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