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Best Black Friday TV deals at Amazon

TVs are always a huge ticket item during Black Friday. (Seriously though, what happened to the TV y’all bought last year? We digress.)

In 2020, Best Buy devoted 10 whole pages of its Black Friday ad scan to TVs alone. Not to be outdone, Amazon has come to play with a slew of great TV discounts, from a $99 24-inch model (can you say dorm TV?) to a 77-inch model discounted nearly $1,000.

Please note that any crossed-out items were either sold out or no longer available at the sale price at the time of writing. If you’re interested in one of those items, be sure to check back: We’re updating this story regularly.

Credit: Samsung

Why we like it:

Multiple configurations of Samsung’s iconic Frame TV are back to their lowest recorded Amazon price — including this 43-inch version for just $797.99. With a stylish frame, the ability to turn into art at a moment’s notice, and a stunning display with Quantum Dot technology, this is the TV for any home design aficionado.

More TV deals at Amazon (sorted by price from lowest to highest)

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