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Best deals on DNA testing kits this Black Friday

We’ve gathered up the best Black Friday deals on DNA tests, for humans and pets, as of Nov. 22. Check them out below.

DNA tests are a great way to connect with family members and the past. Whether you’re looking to dig deep into your roots or simply want to have some fun and learn a little something about yourself, a DNA test can help you can break down where in the world you’re from.

Best deals on DNA tests

If you want to treat yourself to some self-discovery, this Black Friday has a lot of DNA test deals to choose from. And for all the pet parents out there, you can learn more about your furry friend’s genetic makeup and possible health issues with these DNA tests.

Please note that any kind of at-home testing kit should never take the place of seeing a qualified medical professional. Okay, with that out of the way, here are the best DNA test deals:

Credit: MyHeritage

Why we like it

The MyHeritage DNA kit reveals info about both ethnic origins and family history. It only takes two minutes to use with a simple cheek swab, then, mail the sample to the MyHeritage DNA lab for analysis. In three to four weeks, you can view your results online. It’s also one of the cheapest DNA tests out there.

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AncestryDNA Genetic Ethnicity Test kit and phone on a white background.

Credit: AncestryDNA

Why we like it

With just a saliva sample, AncestryDNA provides a more precise ethnicity estimate. They find specific regions your family is from and even connect you with living relatives. An Ancestry subscription lets you access billions of family trees and records for more insight into your background.

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23andMe Health and Ancestry DNA Kit on a white background.

Credit: 23andMe

Why we like it

The 23andMe Health and Ancestry DNA Kit is a more personal, and more expensive, look into your background and health. The test lets you find out very specific stuff about your DNA, like if you have taste and smell preferences, perfect musical pitch, asparagus smelling urine when you eat asparagus, or whether you hate the sound of chewing. It also lets you know if you might be a carrier for certain inherited conditions.

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Best DNA kit deals for pets

Basepaws Breed + Health Cat DNA Test on a white background.

Credit: Basepaws

Why we like it

This one’s for cat parents only. This Basepaws kit tests for all breed groups and breed similarities with major cat breeds. And, when it comes to health of your kitty, it looks for 43 genetic conditions including feline immunodeficiency virus, FIV.

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Embark Breed ID Kit on a white background.

Credit: Embark

Why we like it

Ever wondered what your mutt actually is? The Embark Breed ID Kit helps you find out your dogs’ breed, type, and variety. The test also lets you find and connect with other dogs that share DNA with yours. Did someone say family reunion?

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