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Build and code your own self-driving robot car at home with this kit

TL;DR: Brush up on your coding skills with this Wheelson AI Self-Driving Car Kit, on sale for 10% off. As of Aug. 29, bring one home for only $107.99.

Self-driving cars are (very gradually) transforming the way we live — creating safer and more efficient roads. Although we’re still not quite to the point where we can fully multi-task while our cars take us places, autopilot features offer a lot more freedom on the road. These autonomous vehicles rely on things like sensors, actuators, complex algorithms, machine learning systems, and powerful processors in order to execute their software. It’s fascinating, truly. 

If you’ve ever been interested in how these robot cars run, you can actually build and code your own model with the Wheelson AI Self-Driving Car. Weighing in at 17 pounds and about the length of a remote-control toy, the Wheelson kit has all you need to build your own AI car.

Equipped with a camera and microcomputer, the car can help you learn about electromotors, camera calibration, computer vision, and more. As you follow the instructions to assemble your robot car, you’ll also get a better understanding of how autonomous cars work and how you can make yours navigate a road on its own. Once built, you’ll be able to code it to drive on its own using the camera, make it recognize QR codes on the floor and flash the built-in RGB LED accordingly, play with built-in line tracking and object recognition algorithms, and make custom programs in CircuitBlocks.

Get the kids involved and away from their screens for a few. This technology will only become more prominent in the coming years, so consider this DIY self-driving car their first lesson for a potential future career.

From the same creator as the Nibble DIY game console and the Jay-D DJ mixtable kit, the Wheelson offers another fun and educational way to get hip to today’s tech. For a limited time, you can grab it for $107.99 (regularly $119). Plus, when you spend $50 or more, you’ll also get $10 in credit added to your account within 14 days (so long as any returns made don’t dip your spend below $50). Use it on more DIY kits for you and the fam or on practically anything else your heart desires.

Credit: CircuitMess

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