Building A True Learning Experience Game: Decision Points, Design Steps, And Development Tips [eBook]


How To Create A True Learning Experience Game From Start To Finish

Most employees expect passive activities when they login to your training platform. Maybe they’ll get lucky and stumble across a hidden slideshow or demo video that livens things up a bit. Just imagine their surprise when they find a wow-worthy game with engaging storylines and characters. After all, the keys to truly powerful learning experiences are immersion and interactivity. Employees must be able to soak up the knowledge and wade into the experiential learning waters in order to reap the L&D rewards. This eBook shows you how to build a true game for your corporate learners, including the why, how, and when.

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Building A True Learning Experience Game: Decision Points, Design Steps, And Development Tips

What process do organizations go through when deciding to build a true learning experience game?

Why A True Learning Experience Game Motivates And Inspires

A learning experience game doesn’t just entertain staffers or make them forget that they’re participating in mandatory training. Above all else, serious games motivate them to actively participate and achieve their full potential. They’re able to apply their newfound knowledge in a realistic setting without taking any risks. However, they still feel all of the emotions associated with on-the-job challenges. Thus, every member of your team is inspired to give it their all and find innovative ways to overcome common problems.

The catch is that many organizations assume that building a true learning experience game is out of reach. Maybe they don’t have room in their budget to create a gaming experience from the ground up or they lack the necessary experience. Fortunately, you can rely on a third-party provider to help you create a winning game that puts employees in the L&D driver’s seat. Training solutions companies can consult with you to identify your needs, then find the best gaming approach to bridge the gaps.

About This eBook

Following suit with the other eBooks in the AshCom series, this guide lets you walk in the footsteps of the fictional team as they make the tough decisions. Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find inside:

  • The Path To Profitability: Why Financial Literacy Learning Is Essential For Managers
  • Competition As A Catalyst: How To Fuel Learner Motivation And Simplify Subject Matter
  • Why Learning Games Truly Matter (And How To Achieve The Fun Factor)
  • Why Employees Can’t Get Enough Of Engaging eLearning Games
  • The Basics Of Building The Best Serious Games For Online Learning Experiences
  • What Are The Types Of Games To Consider For Corporate eLearning?
  • Crucial Decision Points In The True Game Development Process
  • Game Development Outsourcing: Three Pointers To Pick The Perfect Partner
  • The Four Phases Of Building A True Game That Wows Your Workforce
  • Is It Worth The Investment?: The Results of Making a True Learning Game

This isn’t your “average” read, as it features relatable characters and real-world challenges. You can follow along as the AshCom corporate family evaluates their needs and finds the best solution to their financial literacy training challenges. Though this story might center on management’s understanding of corporate finance, you can apply the methodologies and insights to every L&D use case.

Is This Guide For You?

Every organization that wants to cultivate internal talent and improve core competencies should add this to its TBR list. It walks you through the ins and outs of outsourcing so that you maximize ROI. But you’ll also learn about the different types of games for online training and the steps involved in the process, as a whole. You’ll have the chance to “shadow” the decision-makers as they weigh all their options, analyze risks, and call in the experts to help them build a true learning experience game that rocks.


Are you ready to see how AshCom uses friendly competition as a springboard to enhance employee performance and address emerging challenges? Download the eBook Building A True Learning Experience Game: Decision Points, Design Steps, And Development Tips to discover tips insider secrets to create an awe-inspiring gaming experience for your team.


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