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To drive business growth, Microsoft business partners and customers need people with skills in specific technologies, but they are having a hard time finding them. Simultaneously, many job seekers believe they don’t have the right background, skills, or experience to make a move into tech.


At Microsoft, our mission is to “empower every person and every organization on the planet to achieve more.” To that end, earlier this month at Ignite, we announced the Microsoft Learn Career Connected program, a new employability program that helps job seekers discover new opportunities to find the jobs they want, learn the skills they need to be successful, and connect to organizations in need of talent. Whether you’re taking your first step into a career or looking to pivot your current career path, Microsoft Learn Career Connected outlines four steps to help you reach the next milestone in your career journey.


Step One—Explore career paths

Data Scientist. Functional Consultant. Security Engineer. These sound like big jobs that require a lot of specialized knowledge, but these roles are not out of your reach! Learn what skills and knowledge are needed to build a career in these areas, find out what a day in the life of someone in these roles is like, and discover what the average salary is for each of these roles. Use our Career Paths page to explore potential roles for yourself as well as the training resources and the credentials needed for these jobs. 

Step Two—Join the private, dedicated Microsoft Learn Career Connected Talent Community

You will learn about open positions, discover opportunities to further build skills, and grow your network through talent community events in the Microsoft Learn Career Connected Talent Community. Currently, this community is focused on supporting people seeking careers in Microsoft Dynamics 365. Here you will meet a variety of people – individuals looking for a new career, skills development partners, recruiters, learning partners, and non-profit organizations that focus on skill development, as well as Microsoft partners seeking new employees who have skills in Dynamics 365 or job switchers who don’t have Dynamics 365 experience but who have related or transferable skills.

Step Three—Get prepared

Once you have determined the role you want to pursue, there are a variety of ways that you can get prepared. Maybe you are self-directed and want to learn at your own pace. Maybe you are interested in going back to school. Or maybe you want to work with an organization that will give you hands-on guidance and support you step-by-step as you build the skills – technical and soft – that you need to land the job you want and be successful. Whatever method you prefer, Microsoft Learn Career Connected has what you’re looking for. Explore our programs to see which one works for you and is available in your country and language.

Step Four—Build or update your Linkedin profile

Whether you are creating one for the first time or refreshing an existing one, review expert tips to ensure that your profile best communicates who you are.  It should feature not only your skills, achievements, certifications, and qualifications, but it should also emphasize your strengths and showcase your personality. Having an updated LinkedIn profile ensures that when recruiters, employers, co-workers, and managers browse your profile, they are able to gain a solid and accurate understanding of who you are and the experiences you bring to the table.

Get connected

These four steps outline how you can learn about new careers, get prepared, and meet companies seeking new employees. If you are wanting to work in an array of expanding fields leveraging Microsoft technologies, start your journey by visiting Microsoft Learn Career Connected today.


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