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Creating An Employee Training Manual: A Complete Guide [eBook Release]

How To Create An Employee Training Manual From Scratch

Training manuals aren’t what they used to be. Though I’m sure we all have a special place in our hearts for printed guidebooks in three-ring binders that mapped out all of the compliance regulations and dress code policies, today’s manuals are interactive and adaptable. Employees can rely on them for moment of need support and quick memory refreshers. This eBook highlights the benefits of modern employee training manuals, as well as the essential building blocks you need to develop them for your team.

eBook Release

Creating An Employee Training Manual: A Complete Guide

If you want to know everything about building an employee training manual, this comprehensive guide will give you a very good idea of how to pull the task through.

Why Employee Training Manuals Aren’t Just For New Hires

It’s a common misconception that employee manuals are reserved for new recruits. In actuality, every member of your team can benefit from a carefully crafted guidebook that helps them navigate everyday challenges. For example, they can refer to the manual when they need to refresh their compliance knowledge or don’t remember a company policy. It can be a go-to resource for every employee, regardless of where they are in the lifecycle. That said, it is a comprehensive guide for new hires that must be brought up to speed and master the

About This eBook

  • What is an employee training manual? – Discover what an employee training manual is and isn’t.
  • Why you should have a training manual – We explore four reasons that make training manuals an invaluable asset.
  • How to write an employee training manual – This is a step-by-step guide for creating your first training manual.
  • How to make your employee training manual engaging – Six tips to develop a training manual that’s user-friendly and attention-grabbing.
  • An employee training manual template – Use this template and checklist to make sure nothing falls through the cracks.


Download the eBook Creating An Employee Training Manual: A Complete Guide for insider secrets to keep employees in the know and motivate them to expand their skillsets.


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