ELC 067: Educating the New Instructional Designer



How should instructors and professors educate instructional designers to meet the needs of the modern workplace? This episode focuses on the challenges and solutions facing instructional design educators. It was inspired by a collaboration of three professors teaching introductory instructional design courses in three different institutions under varied conditions.

I speak with one of the professors, Jason McDonald, about their collaboration. Their goal was to learn from understanding each other’s approaches; to identify best practices; and to engage in valuable debate. They also developed a model for cross-institutional faculty collaboration so that other ID educators and team leaders can support each other. Their published article, Preparing the next generation of instructional designers: a cross-institution faculty collaboration, is listed in the references below.

Jason McDonald is an Associate Professor at Brigham Young University in the Department of Instructional Psychology and Development. His research interests include promoting critical thinking by instructional design professionals, innovation within instructional design practice and improving instructional design education.


  • Why formalizing collaboration is important
  • Variety of instructional design programs
  • Important components of an instructional design program
  • Preparing students to come up with innovative solutions
  • Commonalities between instructional design programs at different institutions
  • Starting early in a curriculum to problem solve
  • Common models taught and innovating with design thinking
  • Pedagogy of the studio model and embracing the role of designer
  • Pedagogy of the guided experiential learning model
  • Skills that graduates discover they need after getting degrees
  • Insights from their collaboration

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TIME: 31 minutes

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ELC 067: Educating the New Instructional Designer


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