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ELC 072: The Wonderful World of No Code Tools

In this episode, we’re exploring the wonderful world of no code tools. These are powerful apps that you can use to automate work and life tasks and to build apps and websites without programming skills. So, if you like to design, if you’re a techie, if you’re exploding with ideas or if you just like nerdy fun, this episode is for you.

I’m speaking with Mathias Vermeulen and Mike Taylor who have been presenting and spreading the word to learning professionals about no code tools. Mathias is the founder and manager of Winston Wolfe, an L&D company based in Belgium, which started in 2013. He is also the organizer of Learning Tech Day in Ghent.

Mike has been in the workplace learning field for over 20 years, designing and delivering learning experiences. Mike is a regular and highly rated speaker at industry events and works at Nationwide in Columbus, Ohio. He also teaches in the Instructional Design & Learning Technology graduate program at Franklin University.


  • Difference between no code and low code tools
  • One recent task where they used a no code tool
  • Pricing of tools
  • Criteria to consider in tool selection
  • Creating workflow automations using integrators like Zapier, IFTTT, etc.
  • How these tools can help learning professionals
  • Decomposing a problem in order to identify the best tool for building a solution
  • Building apps for learners with no code tools
  • All kinds of examples
  • Tools for getting started

TIME: 41 minutes

ELC 072 Transcript


  • Spreadsheets:
  • App/Website Builders:
  • Integrators:
  • Documents:
  • Forms:
  • Communication


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