Elevating Remote Learning: Plan And Strategize Successful Remote Employee Training Programs [eBook]


How To Launch Engaging Remote Employee Training Programs

How do you give your employees the experiential knowledge and practical experience they need when everyone works remotely? This eBook series helps you tap into your team’s full potential and offer ongoing support by deploying remote learning programs. It also covers immersive learning strategies and informal training opportunities that you can use to maximize on-the-job performance.

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Elevating Remote Learning: Plan and Strategize Successful Remote Employee Training Programs

Engage your remote workforce through immersive learning strategies and bring your L&D to new heights!

How To Bridge The Geographical Divide With A Top Notch Remote Learning Program

One of the most notable challenges associated with the new normal is striking a healthy work-life balance. Employees often feel disconnected from their coworkers and experience frequent burnout because there’s no physical divide between their personal and professional lives. However, organizations can deploy a learner-centered training program that offers moment of need support and improves remote collaboration. This eBook series gives you the opportunity to create a holistic remote learning program that caters to everyone’s needs and fills gaps on the spot.

About This eBook Series

This tip-filled trio of eBooks can help you deploy an employee development program for your remote workforce and nurture internal talent. Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find inside this series:

eBook 1: How to Plan and Strategize Successful Remote Employee Training Programs in 2021

This eBook offers insights you can use as you plan and strategize training and development programs for your remote workforce in 2021.

eBook 2: How to Engage Your Learners in the Remote Workplace Through Immersive Learning Strategies

Offers valuable tips to deliver immersive learning experiences that fully engage learners in the remote workplace.

eBook 3: How to Drive Continuous Learning Outside the Formal Training Environment

Discover how you can create a connected learning solution that supports Formal Training with Informal Learning opportunities.


Download the eBook Elevating Remote Learning: Plan and Strategize Successful Remote Employee Training Programs for insider secrets to engage your remote teams and bridge performance gaps. This eBook series also highlights tried and tested strategies to create meaningful eLearning experiences that prepare your team for emerging challenges.


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