Explore Interactive Resources to Ignite Critical Conversations During Red Ribbon Week 


Red Ribbon Week?takes place each year from October 23rd?to 31st?and is dedicated to raising student awareness about the dangers of substance misuse through hands-on learning opportunities. Discovery Education and CVS Health are partnering to host as part of the?Dose of Knowledge program to support educators, students and communities in the fight against substance misuse. 

An expansion of CVS Health’s Pharmacists Teach program, Dose of Knowledge strives to empower educators and pharmacists to address substance misuse and educate students to make good decisions for the health and well-being of themselves and their community. 

As instances of misuse continue to rise among young people as a result of the stress, uncertainty and social isolation students may be experiencing as a result of continued changes in their learning environments and at home, it is more important than ever that we all play an active role in helping students make healthier choices. Dose of Knowledge features flexible, standards-aligned resources to support educators in integrating substance misuse education into their day-to-day lessons.  

Prescription Medication Misuse and the Adolescent Brain and Body, a digital exploration for students in grades 6-12, helps them understand the effects misuse of substances can have on their developing brains and bodies. The module can be utilized in a one-to-one environment or as part of distance learning, allowing students to move through at their own pace; or in a class environment with the use of a projector and screen or whiteboard. Accompanying discussion questions help extend learning and offer students the opportunity for deeper reflection. 

Conversations about medication use are also key for younger students. In the Medication Safety digital lesson, students in grades 3-5 will learn about the power of medicine and the importance of medication safety. They will compare and contrast prescription medicines and over-the-counter medicines, and they will understand what to do in the case of an emergency. 

Additional digital lessons can also be utilized in a variety of learning environments and expand on a number of topics, including ways students can support those who may be struggling with substance misuse, peer pressure, refusal tactics and the long-term effects of substance misuse on the brain. Each lesson also features a comprehensive educator guide for turnkey implementation. 

Red Ribbon Week?provides a unique opportunity to begin engaging students in meaningful, fact-based conversations about substance misuse and its impact on their health. Learn more at?DoseofKnowledge.com?and explore additional resources on the Dose of Knowledge channel in Discovery Education?Experience. 



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