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Face filters have taken the guesswork out of shopping for glasses

TL;DR: Save 30% on lenses at EyeBuyDirect with code HURRAH30.

Wondering how you would look in a new pair of specs for fall? You can try on a ton of glasses virtually at EyeBuyDirect by hovering your phone and tapping “try on” or uploading a pic. Like every other face filter on your phone, it’s fun and pretty easy to get sucked into, especially with more than a thousand styles to scroll through camped out on your couch.

Whether you just want a little change or you’re a fashion chameleon swapping your frames according to your outfit and mood, the possibilities are endless. They’ve also got a fit and style quiz, and handy tips for matching frames to different face shapes.

Just in time for starting fall with a fresh outlook (or celebrating the last of hurrah of summer with a new pair of shades), you can save 30% off lenses sitewide using code HURRAH30 (valid until Aug. 29). Here are some style suggestions for frames to pair with those discounted lenses.

Credit: eye Buy Direct

Tinted clear frames are fashion anyone can do without a lot of effort — they pretty much go with everything in your closet already. As everyday frames, they’re super versatile and look polished for work, hip for an after-work hang, or even glamorous with the right outfit. The Nala comes in on-trend purple, pink, melon, and blue.

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Credit: eye buy direct

If you want a classic style with a low profile, wire-rimmed glasses are understated and cool, along with being comfortably lightweight for all-day wear. To keep it simple, the St. Michel comes in several metallic shades, including gold, rose gold, and silver.

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Credit: eye buy direct

With a nod to ’70s chic, the Calista is extra in a way that’s hard not to love and perfect for making a bold statement — even when you’re not doing anything all that bold. Available in raspberry, tortoise, or black, these are for anyone who gets glammed up to go to the grocery store or is seriously overdressed to do laundry.

Save 30% on lenses at EyeBuyDirect using code HURRAH30

Credit: EyeBuyDirect

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