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Felix-Tazzy balances studying with volunteering

“I needed something that could work around my two volunteer jobs and this Open Study College course does just that!”

Felix-Tazzy, 24, Hartlepool

Felix-Tazzy is currently completing a short course with Open Study College. Understanding the Holocaust is his first distance learning course; talking about how he’s fitting his studies around a few part time jobs, Felix-Tazzy said:

“I decided to follow the home learning route with Open Study College mainly because I don’t currently have the necessary qualifications for the career I want to pursue, working with animals.

“I wanted to give distance learning a go because I needed something that could work around my two volunteer jobs, and this Open Study College course does just that. I’m currently working in a charity shop which can be really chaotic at times and I also volunteer with someone who looks after rescue animals. Both jobs are so rewarding but can be time consuming, which is why distance learning is a good fit for me.”

Felix-Tazzy added: “My interests outside the course include gaming, writing, animals and their welfare, but I’m also really passionate about history and true crime which helped lead to the decision to study Understanding the Holocaust.

“I’ve nearly completed the course but I do still have assignments to write, mainly because one of my volunteer jobs is a bit chaotic at the moment so I’m really taking my time and studying when it’s convenient for me. Being able to do the course in my own time and at my pace is a huge advantage to distance learning. However, I do find elements such as trying to balance time to sit down and do assignments challenging.”

Considering another course, Felix-Tazzy talked about how OSC supported him on this journey and offers some advice to those considering the distance learning path:

“Open Study College is great at making sure that I understand the activity and what to do at all times. I’m considering completing other courses and will base my decision on what’s interesting and what feels right to do for me. I recommend others considering this route to do the same. Just always make sure that you can balance your time well and you’ll succeed.”

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