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Get 12 bottles of wine delivered to dad for just $85 this Father’s Day

TL;DR: As of June 5, you can get 12 bottles of wine delivered via Winc for just $84.99. It would normally cost $155, so you’re saving 44%.

In a year where everything is more expensive, it’s a big deal to find something that’s cheaper than usual. So this deal from Winc Wine Delivery basically a blessing from Dionysus himself. A $155 credit for 12 bottles of wine is on sale for only $84.99. That’s a 45% discount just in time for Father’s Day. The deal ends on June 19, so jump to it.

If you’ve got a dad who loves wine (or know a dad who loves wine), or you just love wine (no judgment here), don’t just skimp on any old grocery store bottle. Get top-shelf choices from Winc that will wow him. You can take a palate profile quiz so the experts at Winc know what you like. They’re like the wine snobs you’d usually consult for advice on which bottle to buy, except they curated the entire collection. After you’ve enjoyed these 12 bottles, you can choose to subscribe monthly and continue drinking in the goodness for a while.

Winc can help your dad have a great Father’s Day — and hopefully, he’ll share! The best part is, you’ll get it delivered right to his doorstep without even having to go to the liquor store.

Of course, you have to be 21 to purchase. Winc is known for offering great deals on delectable wines for holidays and special occasions (like this one we featured for Valentine’s Day last year or this one from Mother’s Day).

This delicious deal from Winc makes a great gift for dads who love wine. But it ends June 19, so don’t sleep on it. At just $85, you’ll end up paying about 7 bucks per bottle.

Prices subject to change.

Credit: Winc

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