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Get an AI job interview coach on your iPhone

TL;DR: As of August 7, you can get a lifetime subscription to Huru Job Interview Prep Coach(opens in a new tab) for just $69 instead of $1,393 — that’s a 95% discount.

Anxious before a job interview? You’re definitely not alone. A 2020 study found that 93% of job candidates have experienced anxiety before an interview. Prepping for an interview may be hard, but the right coach might make it easier. Huru Job Interview Prep Coach is an AI-powered job interview software(opens in a new tab) that could help you curb that anxiety once it arrives. For a limited time, a lifetime subscription with Huru Job Interview Prep Coach is on sale for $69 (Reg. $1393). 

Beat your interview anxiety 

Job interviews can be intense, and some job applications don’t give you much insight into what to expect, but Huru has 20,000+ pre-made mock interviews(opens in a new tab) with more than 300 positions. They may not have the exact job you’re looking for, but you may be able to find something similar, or you can generate interviews from job offers listed on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, and ZipRecruiter. If you’re not preparing for a specific job interview and just want to test the waters in different industries, this could be an interesting way to do some hands-on research. 

Huru’s interview practice sessions aren’t just reading and responding to questions. As you work through the interview, an AI provides real-time facial expression feedback. It may sound nit-picky, but studies have found that facial expressions can influence how a job candidate is received. That’s not the only thing the AI will give you feedback on. Learn how you may be able to improve your answers to questions, speech articulation, and even your pausing. Naturally, every interviewer is different, but the AI’s suggestions could be useful as you practice for each new interview. 

Use AI to prep for your next interview

Start practicing for your next round of interviews. Get a lifetime subscription to Huru Job Interview Prep Coach(opens in a new tab) on sale for $69 (Reg. $1393). 

Prices subject to change.

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