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Get this Samsung soundbar on sale for its lowest price ever

SAVE 40%: If you’re on the hunt for something to amp up your home audio setup, look no further. For a limited time, snag the Samsung 5.0ch S61A S Series Soundbar Speaker — a 2021 release exclusive to Amazon — for just $197.99. That’s a discount of 40% from its original price of $329.99.

More technical minds than mine have figured out why a speaker shaped like a baguette is particularly good at producing clear, multidimensional sound, but the important thing is that it does.

Maybe it’s the dual-sided horn speakers and proprietary Samsung Acoustic Beam technology, or the two woofers and tweeter built-in, but the Samsung 5.0ch S61A S Series Soundbar Speaker provides a “panoramic soundscape” that fills the room without overpowering it.

The soundbar is also equipped with AI that doesn’t just answer to “Hey, Alexa,” but recognizes and dynamically optimized dialogue with extra clarity for anything you’re watching, so you no longer have to squint at the subtitles of movies (cough Tenet cough) or turn the volume up and down every 5 minutes to catch what sports announcers are saying without being deafened by the crowd.

This speaker isn’t just limited to TVs, but can also be used to game or play music on. It’s compatible with streaming platforms since it can be connected to Wifi, and Bluetooth connectivity allows you to pair it with your laptop or gaming device of choice; its center channel speaker, regularly dedicated to playing dialogue, also recognizes the voices of your teammates, so you can play co-op with clear audio (hear your teammates swearing at you in high-quality sound definition).

All in all, the Samsung 5.0ch S61A S Series Soundbar Speaker is a sleek, well-functioning sound system that will serve as a good multipurpose speaker for your home audio system. Audiophiles might want to opt for something more complex (and therefore pricier), but for your average listening needs, this Samsung soundbar is more than enough, and it’s on sale at Amazon for $197.99.

Credit: Amazon

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