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Grab a great deal on a Lenovo tablet, keyboard, and pen for your new grad

Cap tossed, diploma in hand, it’s been one heck of a journey for the Class of 2022, but they made it. Whether your grad is hitting the job search or taking some time off to travel, Lenovo has bundled the ideal tablet setup for streaming, sending emails, and getting more done.

Together, the Tab P11, Precision Pen 2, and keyboard ($379.99, normally $399.99) offer the ultimate triple play, putting everything you need at your fingers — with a fingerprint-proof display — and the versatility to use it a multitude of ways.

Celebrate the perfect grad with the perfect gift — for whatever’s next.

Get more done with a laptop-caliber keyboard

Credit: Lenovo

Sometimes you need a bit more than a smartphone to type out an email or fill out a job app on the go. When you don’t feel like carrying around a full-size laptop, the ultra-thin keyboard with a built-in trackpad has you covered for getting some work done. Likewise, when all you really need is a screen, you can leave the keyboard home.

A roomy screen to stream and video-chat

up close of P11 tablet screen

Credit: Lenovo

Whether you’re doing a virtual interview or streaming a yoga class, this 11-inch tablet has an 85% screen-to-display ratio for plenty of viewing space and crystal-clear 2K resolution. If you’re looking for total freedom to study in the park or watch movies on a camping trip, the LCD screen has 400 nits’ brightness so you can see it on a sunny day.

Hold onto your thoughts with a smart pen

up close of smart pen in action on screen

Credit: Lenovo

From drawing to writing lists, this setup gives users a paper-saving sketchbook which never runs out of pages and a smart pen which never leaks ink all over the bottom of your bag. The pen stays charged for up to 200 hours and has 4,096 pressure levels and tilt detection for a natural sketching experience regardless of your scribbling style.

Lenovo Tab P11, precision pen 2 and keyboard bundled together

Credit: Lenovo

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