Grab a Shark vacuum on sale for a squeaky clean home


There’s still time for spring cleaning — and the spring cleaning deals are still rolling in. As of May 15, two Shark vacuum models are on sale at Amazon for up to 27% off. See our favorite deals here.

For a deep clean no matter what kind of home you share with your beloved (but hairy) pets, you can’t go wrong with a Shark vacuum. Shark has some of the best vacuums, from extra strong suction to portable sizes easy for maneuvering. And right now, two Shark upright vacuum models are on sale at Amazon for up to 27% off. Shop them here.

Best overall Shark vacuum deal

Why we like it

The Shark NV501 Rotator Professional Lift-Away upright vacuum(opens in a new tab) is your best bet for everyday cleaning, especially if you need to clean around and under furniture. Go to town on dirt on carpets, stairs, and more with the regular vacuum setting, and use the detachable nozzle to clean those hard-to-reach areas that used to drive you crazy. It also has advanced swivel steering and LED lights to make moving it around and finding dust a breeze.

Best Shark vacuum deal for pets

Why we like it

If you have a pet who likes to leave their long, messy hair all over the place, you need the Shark NV752 Rotator Powered Lift-Away TruePet upright vacuum(opens in a new tab). Easily lift off the main vacuum pod to keep deep cleaning in every hard-to-reach nook and cranny. With a HEPA filter that traps roughly 99.9% of dust particles, along with a self-cleaning Pet Power Brush designed just for Fido’s leftover fur, it’s the perfect option for those who need to breathe easy with pets in the house. The extra large dust cup means less time wasted emptying out all the dirt, too.


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