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Grab an Outward Hound dog puzzle on sale and keep your pup entertained

We’ve gathered the best deals on dog puzzles as of March 18. These are our top three picks:

Now that we all know dogs can talk, helping our pups get some extra mental stimulation feels like a no-brainer. Whether you have a genius dog on your hands that needs a job to do every day, or you just want to enrich your pooch’s life a bit, dog puzzles are a great investment.

As of March 18, a selection of Outward Hound dog treat puzzles are on sale for up to 41% off. Read on to find the one that’s best for your furry friend.

If you’re just getting into dog puzzles, the Nina Ottosson by Outward Hound line is one of our favorites. Puzzles come in four levels and involve different skills, so start at the bottom with this level one Dog Smart puzzle. Just hide treats or kibble underneath the bone pieces, and your dog will learn to use their natural foraging instincts to sniff out the food and retrieve it.

Credit: Outward Hound

If your dog goes wild for plush toys, this cute taco truck puzzle will keep them endlessly entertained. It comes with a squeaky tortilla chip, taco, and burrito, each of which can be stuffed inside the plush taco truck to tap into your dog’s natural foraging and hunting instincts. You can also add a few treats inside to make it even more exciting.

Fluffy dog sitting next to plush taco truck toy

Credit: Outward Hound

For dogs that gobble their food down, a slow feeder is a must. Slow your dog down with the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slo Bowl. It holds up to one cup of food and wobbles irregularly to get your dog’s brain going. Working for food is actually fun for many dogs, too, so this toy is a win-win.

Poodle playing with a green puzzle feeder

Credit: Outward Hound

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