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Guarantee your tailgate takes the W with these must-haves from Walmart

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It’s Friday night lights season, which means it’s time to get back in the tailgate groove. Walmart has tons of great deals on tailgating must-haves, and since saving money is a given at Walmart, you’re free to focus on the important things — like getting the upgrades you need to make sure your tailgate is the talk of the parking lot. Consider it a win-win. 

Rock a rocking chair

We all know rocking is better than just sitting, and this chair folds up and stores like a regular tailgate chair, but brings the relaxation of a rocker.  Snag it while it’s on sale. 

Credit: Ozark Trail

Keep your cool

Whether you’re getting hot in front of the grill or in the stadium, this handheld portable cooling fan blows air as cool at 55 degrees for hours, making it a true MVP for any scorching situation — like that tied scoreboard with just a few minutes left in the fourth quarter.  

A woman outside in activewear using the cooling fan attachment on her cup

Credit: Mission

Make sure the big game isn’t the only game

They may come for the football, but you can make sure they stay for the fun with this sturdy, colorful cornhole set that’s portable enough to bring to and from your tailgate with ease.

Two American flag patterned cornhole boards with matching beanbags

Credit: EastPoint Sports

Add some storage to your meal

Sure, you can use a folding table for your spread, or you could use a mega upgrade. This portable outdoor table boasts a stainless steel prep or serving top, S-hooks for hanging your tools, and storage to keep all your plates and napkins from blowing away before you use them. Talk about an upgrade!

An outdoor table with a cabinet for storage, a kitchen prep top, and accessory hooks on the side.

Credit: Keter

Protect your assets 

If you need a respite from the sun or the occasional drizzle, this tent is for you: Offering 80-square feet of shade, a built-in vent for airflow and an easy push-up handle to pop up easily, it’s got all your bases covered.

Two people sitting in camping chairs under the shade of an outdoor canopy

Credit: Ozark Trail

Apply some pressure

Make sure your tailgate menu has everyone talking (in a good way!), with a griddle press to give your burgers those perfect grill marks every time.

A cast iron griddle press with a handle

Credit: Blackstone

Store it right

There’s nothing like the right tool (or storage container) for the job to make you feel like a game day hero. Store your charcoal in this heavy duty, weatherproof bin to make sure nothing comes between you and firing up your grill quickly and easily. 

Someone taking the lid off of a charcoal storage container

Credit: Buddeez

Keep it cool

You know what’s easier than lugging your ice chest from the house to the truck to the tailgate? Pulling an ice chest on wheels! Your back will thank us later.

A blue ice chest on wheels with the lid open

Credit: Igloo

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