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How To Conduct A Comprehensive L&D Audit And Prepare A Strategic Plan For The Future [eBook]

Your Guide To Conduct An L&D Audit And Chart A Successful Training Course

You can learn a lot from past mistakes. That rule doesn’t just apply to our personal lives. Gaps in your current learning and development strategy can help you pinpoint areas for improvement and create an adaptable plan of action for employee training. This eBook has tips to not only carry out an in-depth audit and year-end review but prepare an L&D program that fosters lifelong learning for every member of your team.

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How To Conduct A Comprehensive L&D Audit And Prepare A Strategic Plan For The Future

Plan your L&D audit, year-end review, and identify focus areas for developing an effective L&D strategy for 2022!

Why L&D Audits Are Crucial For Business Growth

It’s essential to examine your L&D program periodically to ensure that everything is up to par. Otherwise, you run the risk of skill stagnation, which directly impacts your bottom line. Learning and development analysis also allows you to detect patterns and trends that affect employees on a grander scale. For example, you might uncover outdated resources or courses that no longer resonate with your team. Last but not least, L&D audits give you the opportunity to delve into business objectives through an employee development lens. Are your goals still relevant and measurable? Can employees achieve the objectives using the available resources?

About This eBook

Taking a closer look and your training program not only contributes to long-term business success but individual employee growth. Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll find inside this all-in-on guide:

  • Section 1 – How to Conduct an Audit of Your Training and Development Initiatives: Discover key strategies for auditing your L&D initiatives.
  • Section 2 – Year-end L&D Review – What Worked, What Didn’t, and Other Key Lessons from 2021: Assimilate key L&D review lessons learned from 2021.
  • Section 3 – Focus Areas for Preparing a Learning and Development Strategy for 2022: Delve deeper into planning L&D strategies for 2022.


Download the eBook How To Conduct A Comprehensive L&D Audit And Prepare A Strategic Plan For The Future to identify gaps and plan a winning strategy for next year!


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