‘I Think You Should Leave’ set for May 30 season premiere on Netflix


The last time I was this excited was when I heard Paul Bufano and Roy Donk on the Colgate Comedy Hour.

The highly popular and extremely awkward hit Netflix sketch comedy I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson finally has a premiere date for season 3, the streaming service announced on Friday. Almost a year after it was announced that fans would see a season 3, the comedy series created by former SNL alum and Detroiters star Tim Robinson is set to release on May 30.

The series is a collaboration between Robinson, who stars in almost every sketch, and SNL producer Zach Kanin. According to an interview the duo did with Variety in 2022(Opens in a new tab), the pair write every single sketch. The series is primarily known for its sketches that start out normal but soon devolve into chaos as one or more characters become unreasonable. Hit sketches include “Baby of the Year,” “Brooks Brothers,” and “Prank Show.”

Fans have shown their excitement on social media as they look forward to the return of one of the more unique and creative sketch comedy series to be released in the past couple of years.

The first two seasons have been well-received, and you still have time to watch the series in full before the season 3 premiere date. Each episode is only around 16-18 minutes in length with 6 episodes per season. You can finish that in a day. In fact, you should watch it right now. Like right now. Do it you coward.


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