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Make wellness a lifestyle with these 9 accessories on sale

Healthy living is so much more than just choosing the right foods and getting exercise; it’s about changing your mindset entirely. If your 2022 goals are all about ushering in a healthy lifestyle, make sure you have all the tools you need to turn an intention into a lifestyle. These 10 diffusers, massagers, apps, and more are all on sale for up to 60% off for a limited time, so load up on what you need so you can get back to focusing on living, breathing, and sleeping better. 

Save space by getting this three-in-one diffuser, humidifier, and space heater. It’s completely powered by the flames of candles, so it’s eco-friendly and emits a soft glow while subtly offering localized heat. Save 11% and bring home two Egloos for just $159.95 (normally $180).

Credit: Egloo

Add this vibrating foot massager mat where you do most of your standing — whether it’s in front of the makeup mirror, the kitchen sink, or at your standing desk. It’s designed to relieve fatigue and pain as you stand on it. It’s regularly $129, but you can get it on sale for $119.99 for a limited time.

Black mat with round spiked ball in the middle

Credit: FoamEra

The Rootd app helps you unwind throughout your day, whether you only have a few moments to spare in between meetings or are trying to relax before bed. It’s equipped with a deep breathing tool, journaling space, body scan tools, guided visualizations, soothing nature sounds, and even a panic button to help you manage your anxiety and panic attacks. Get lifetime access to the app for 60% off and pay just $59.99 (normally $149).

Three phone screens with rootd app showing under rootd logo

Credit: Rootd

This four-in-one device helps you keep your nightstand clutter-free by serving as a purifier, diffuser, sound machine, and night light. Plus, it looks super modern and chic on any surface. Take it home for a limited time for just $114.99.

White diffuser unit with box

Credit: KeySmart

This temple massager is completely wireless and uses heat and massage technology to offer potential headache relief. It also serves as a way to take a relaxing break in the middle of your work day. Take 44% off and pay just $71.99 (normally $129) for a limited time.

Person lying on couch with white eye mask over face

Credit: Pur-Well

If the smell of essential oils helps relax or calm you, make diffusing a priority this year. This 100ml diffuser is on sale for 32% off, and you can even use it on the go, since it’s completely wireless. Grab it for just $67.99 (normally $99) for a limited time.

Black diffuser with pink light ring at bottom

Credit: Amore Paris

A scalp massage shouldn’t just be reserved for when you’re sitting in a salon chair. Unwind every night with this claw massager on sale for $64.99. That’s 35% off its regular retail cost.

Black claw scalp massager with red button

Credit: Mesay

The Headache Halo utilizes cooling therapy so you can relax hands-free. Simply add in ice cubes and enjoy some cooling relief and gentle pressure whenever you need it. Bring it home for just $29.99.

Person with black wrap around head

Credit: Headache Hat

This humidifier and diffuser emits a fine mist and has a soft glow (that you can adjust or turn off) to create a relaxing vibe in any room. Add in a few drops of essential oils, close your eyes, and it’s like you’ve transported to your favorite spa. Save 15% for a limited time and bring it home for just $42 (regularly $49).

White diffuser with black dieal

Credit: Airthereal

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