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Microsoft is emailing out links to buy an Xbox Series X bundle from its online store

If you’re hunting for an Xbox Series X, you might want to check your email inbox. As we noted last fall, Microsoft has occasionally been contacting Microsoft Store customers, offering a “limited supply of Xbox Series X bundles” that are available to “valued Microsoft customers” in the US.

The emails are addressed to Microsoft Store customers, and bundles are available on a first-come, first-served basis. Microsoft is limiting orders to one bundle per order or two bundles per 30-day period. The links to order a bundle are unique and tied to a Microsoft Account and don’t always guarantee that stock is available for purchase.

These Xbox Series X consoles are available on a first-come, first-served basis and will sell out quickly. The limit is one bundle per order, and two bundles per 30-day period. Since there is a limited supply available, receiving this email does not guarantee there will be consoles remaining when you try to purchase. If you attempt to purchase and see a message that the bundle is unavailable, that means we have sold out.

To purchase you must have a valid Microsoft account and sign in. Your unique link in this email is valid for your Microsoft account only, and the account must be associated with the email address that received this message.

There is one downside to the “bundle” offer, however — access requires purchasing a digital game and an extra controller. Paying $59.99 for a second controller adds to the price, but it’s the same as they usually cost in between the occasional sale. It’s the digital game that feels like a rip-off, with only a few titles to choose from and prices that can be more than double what you’d pay on Microsoft’s own Xbox Store. Options include Madden NFL 22, Far Cry 6, and Battlefield 2042 for $69.99, even though Xbox owners can buy them digitally for $20.99, $35.99, or $45.49, respectively. GTA V is a cheaper option at $29.99, but it’s on sale right now for $14.99.

Just as we’ve seen from Sony with the PlayStation 5, sending out links to accounts for gamers who actually play is one way to help consoles get directly to the people who want them instead of resellers. While reseller prices for next-gen systems have dipped since Black Friday, recent sales have come and gone quickly, so if you’re lucky, this could be the easiest way to grab a new console. Unfortunately, even if you’re in the chosen few, it still comes with some extra costs attached.

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