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Never sink into a couch again with this back support cushion on sale for 30% off

TL;DR: The Cubii Cushii Back Support Lumbar Cushion is on sale for 30% off as of March 13 — get it for $33.99 instead of its regular $49.

Investing in ergonomic office equipment isn’t always budget-friendly. Standing desks and fancy chairs cost a pretty penny. But there are ways you can improve your setup if you sit in a chair all day for work — like adding the Cubii Cushii Lumbar Cushion

The Cubii Cushii is designed to help you sit with better posture by reducing stress placed on your lower back. Over time, this can help prevent muscle fatigue and tightness and increase blood flow to the body. That means potentially less pain and fewer back cramps when you get up from your office chair.

It’s an easy way for people who have to sit at their computers all day to make their setup more comfortable without spending a fortune. Or it could even be used for anyone who needs some extra support as they drive the carpool or commute to work. You can easily strap the Cubii Cushii onto any car seat, whether you’re driving or just a passenger. 

The Cubii weighs just 22 ounces, so it’s easy to take it with you anywhere and move it from seat to seat. It’s designed to work on airplane seats, train seats, and can even be adjusted to fit wheelchairs. Since it’s made from high-quality memory foam, it’ll curve to the unique shape of your back as you use it and retain its shape when you’re not. And with its breathable outer layer, it shouldn’t add unnecessary heat to your chair.

The Cubii Cushii Lumbar Cushion usually retails for $49, but for a limited time, you can bring it home for just $33.99. That’s 30% in savings and a small price to pay for comfort.

Prices subject to change.

Credit: Cubii

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