New Activities Celebrating SEL as a Team Sport 


Inspire students to set and achieve goals this year using practical social-emotional skills they can run with in their everyday lives. 

Find easy ways to engage elementary students in important SEL competencies this school year with new resources from LaGolda, a pro-social animated series and online educational program available on the Discovery Education learning platform. 

As LaGolda and her growing team of friends travel the world and overcome challenges together, students can follow along and discover how SEL skills are put into action to overcome obstacles and achieve personal goals. 

Tackle timely topics in class with three new hands-on activities that empower students to harness SEL skills and play the long game to a successful future. Each new activity pairs with a corresponding episode in the LaGolda series: 

  • Plugging Into Social Awareness
    Investigate students’ social awareness through their use of technology to find parallels between healthy personal relationships and savvy digital citizenship. 
  • Leading with Responsible Decision Making
    Students will explore how making good decisions benefits themselves and those around them with an important lesson focusing on inclusion. 
  • Breaking Down Adversity with Social Awareness
    Help students understand prejudice and racism using the lens of social awareness and reflect on simple ways they can be more inclusive of others. 

UnitedHealthcare is committed to inspiring the healthiest generation yet by partnering with Discovery Education to make these resources available on the LaGolda SEL Resources by United Healthcare channel in Discovery Education’s K-12 learning platform. Visit the fun animated community of LaGolda and jump right into powerful SEL explorations that set students up for a lifetime of social connection and success. 


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