Home Specialty New Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 training: October 2021 roundup

New Microsoft Power Platform and Dynamics 365 training: October 2021 roundup

Get the latest news on our training and certification portfolio. Our regularly updated learning paths and modules on Microsoft Learn can help you keep current. Use training to build and enhance your skills, and then move ahead by validating those skills with a Microsoft Certification.

This month, explore our new Power BI learning path and new modules for Customer Voice and Customer Service. Plus, we’ve converted some Power Apps module exercises to labs, and we’ve added integration modules for Sales and Supply Chain Management and for Field Service and Supply Chain Management. If you’re interested in translation, check out our cross-app module that can be used in Business Central, Commerce, Customer Service, Field Service,  Finance, Supply Chain Management, and Sales.

Work through these and other modules at your own pace. Use free, online training on Microsoft Learn to explore new skills to use on the job or to take your career in a new direction. If you need help figuring out which training to take, check out the Dynamics 365 learning paths and the Microsoft Power Platform learning paths.

The following learning paths and modules were released in October 2021.

Business Central

Customer Service


Customer Voice

Field Service


Power Apps

Module Role Certification
Working with choices in Dataverse:

Lab – Create a new choice or modify an existing choice 

(Module update—converted “Create a new choice or modify an existing choice” exercise to a lab)

Functional consultant N/A
Use and understand controls in a canvas app in Power Apps:

Lab – Create a canvas app with unique controls 

(Module update—converted “Create a canvas app with unique controls” exercise to a lab)

Functional consultant, app maker N/A
Navigation in a canvas app in Power Apps: 

Lab – Create navigation functions

(Module update—converted “Create navigation functions” exercise to a lab)  

Functional consultant, app maker N/A
Create formulas that use tables, records, and collections in a canvas app in Power Apps: 

Lab – Using the ForAll function in a gallery

(Module update—converted “Using the ForAll function in a gallery” exercise to a lab) 

Functional consultant, app maker N/A

Power BI



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