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One day only: Grab a Kindle Kids e-reader for $50 off

SAVE $50: As of March 4, the Kindle Kids (10th gen) and the Kindle Kids Paperwhite (11th gen) are both on sale for their lowest prices yet. Grab them for $59.99 (45% off) and $109.99 (31% off), respectively.

We all know how hard it is to get kids to read. Between TV and the iPad, there’s plenty to do that might seem more interesting than a book. Luckily, Amazon has two kids versions of the Kindle on sale, both of which can help your child get into reading again.

The Kindle Kids, 10th generation and the Kindle Kids Paperwhite, 11th generation are both sitting at their respective lowest Amazon prices, so this is definitely a deal to take advantage of. These low prices will only last through March 4.

The Kindle Kids Paperwhite is the latest child-friendly e-reader from Amazon, and takes everything we love about the normal Kindle Paperwhite while adding some kid-focused features. You’ll get the 6.8″ glare-free 300 ppi screen that reads like actual paper, a battery life that lasts up to 10 weeks at a time, and 8 GB of storage. You won’t find any apps, games or ads here, but you will get a free year of Amazon Kids+ with access to thousands of books as well as Audible audiobooks.

Access your parent dashboard to help guide your young reader with age filters, daily reading goals, and more. The Kindle Kids Paperwhite is also completely waterproof, so reading in the bath or at the beach is a breeze. If you’re worried about your child accidentally damaging their Kindle, this model comes with a two-year “worry-free” guarantee. If it gets damaged at all within the first two years, Amazon will send you a new one.

Credit: Amazon

At 45% off, this is the cheapest we’ve seen this model since Black Friday. While it’s not waterproof like the 11th-gen version, you’ll still get the two-year worry-free guarantee, plus a free year of Amazon Kids+. The other main differences between this version and the 11th-gen Kids Paperwhite are the screen and the front lights: The 10th-gen features a slightly pared down screen (six inches at 167 ppi) and four LED lights compared to the 11th-gen’s 17.

Kindle kids e-reader with rainbow birds cover

Credit: Amazon

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