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Ranjit’s distance learning journey at 54

“If anyone is thinking about studying, I think they should definitely go for it. My only regret is that I just wish I had started sooner!” 

Ranjit, 54, Surrey 

Having just started his History course with Open Study College, Ranjit has a way to go yet, but wanted to share his thoughts on deciding to follow a distance learning path: 

“This is my first Open Study College course and I’ve only just begun my first of six units. The reason I chose this method of learning is because I’m currently self-employed with hours that aren’t fixed, which offers me the opportunity and time to study around work commitments.  

“Distance learning gives me the flexibility to combine further study with the things I enjoy doing in my free time, as I’m committed to keeping fit, participating regularly in swimming, running, boxing, triathlons and ultra marathons. More importantly I’m able to study around family time and commitments. I have three children, two of which are working and my youngest is studying for GCSEs.” 

Ranjit explains his future goal with learning in terms of his plans once this first course is complete. He also explores what he likes the most about studying with OSC: 

“At this early stage of my studies I’ve not yet found anything challenging. I am enjoying researching and learning new things and, once I’ve completed this History course, my plan is to start another course to eventually get the degree my early working career did not give me.  

“There are many benefits from studying via OSC, including the flexibility of working at the time and duration which best suits for example; sometimes I have worked for three hours straight and yet have also gone three days without doing anything. I have set myself my own targets to make sure I complete the course well within the advised period.” 

Telling people to go for it, Ranjit offers some useful advice and discusses support he’s received thus far: 

“With regular communication offering help whenever I need it, OSC has been supportive. If anyone is thinking about studying I think they should definitely go for it. My only regret is that I just wish I had started sooner!” 

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