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Re: The 2-Minute Recap: Everything new with Security, Compliance, and Identity on Microsoft Learn

Welcome to our monthly blog series featuring the latest content updates on Microsoft Learn. This month, we’re highlighting Microsoft Defender for Business training in our Security, Compliance, and Identity portfolio.

Microsoft Defender for Business  

Microsoft Defender for Business is a new endpoint security solution that’s now available in preview. Built specially to provide enterprise-grade endpoint security to businesses with up to 300 employees, this solution is both easy to use and cost effective.

Today’s preview is available with an initial set of scenarios, and the product team will be adding capabilities regularly. To get started, check out our complete Microsoft Defender for Business documentation page, where you’ll find how-to guides for using, deploying, and managing this solution, along with tutorials and simulations.

You can also get an overview of incidents and response actions by completing the Detect and respond to security issues learning module. By the end of this module, you’ll be able to understand the:

  • Incident queue
  • Alerts queue
  • Response actions

Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager

Microsoft Endpoint Manager provides endpoint security, device management, and intelligent cloud actions in a unified management platform. Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager—which is a part of Microsoft Endpoint Manager—helps you protect the on-premises devices, apps, and data that the people at your organization use to be productive.

Our new learning path, Set up tenant attach using Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager, provides migration and implementation guidance, along with details about how to set up Intune, how to set up tenant attach, and better understand co-management. By the end of this module, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand tenant attach
  • Confirm tenant attach prerequisites
  • Enable internet endpoints
  • Enable device upload
  • Display the connector status
  • Perform device actions
  • View on-premises device details

We look forward to hearing how you use these resources on your journey to certification. Be sure to check out our new Microsoft Security certifications poster for a quick overview of our fundamentals and role-based credentials as well.

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