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Last updated on April 1, 2022

What does it take to earn a Microsoft Certification? Time, energy, commitment, and—of course—passing a certification exam to prove your knowledge and experience. What does it take to renew a Microsoft Certification? A free online renewal assessment that you can complete without having to pass any exams!

Get started. Three steps to renew your certification.

  1. Go to Microsoft Learn to connect your learn profile with your certification profile. 
  2. Prepare with the free content on Microsoft Learn. 
  3. Take the free online assessment before your certification expires 

Microsoft Certifications available for renewal

See below for the complete list of certifications that are currently available for renewal.


Business Applications

Microsoft 365

Security, Compliance, and Identity

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Prove your skills. Protect your investment.

Is your certification expiring soon? Renew it for free today!

Great thank you for the update! I am glad the SC-300 exam is added for renewal as I passed it yesterday and have some great feedback! 🙂 

please add AZ-700 cert I don’t see it not worth a cert for a year


I don’t see any options for Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate  it says “Learning paths or modules are not yet available for this certification”

So what can be done in this case.

Please add AZ-700 to this list thanks 

You renew the certification not the exam

I can see the renewal is in place for Azure Network Engineer Associate Azure Network Engineer Associate https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/azure-network-engineer-associate/renew/

Good day Sir /Madam, 

        I have linked my profile account and Certificate account.  Please I don’t seem to see the renewal notice.  What should do? 

@GitaSharma I also can’t find renewal notice. Where Can I find links to assessment? I can’t find the email,


Michal Dz.

You should receive an email when your certification is due for renewal

Three ways you can find if you have a renewal assessment to perform

1. At the top of your learning dashboard https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/dashboard.aspx

2. Go to the certification page (not the exam page) e.g., https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/power-platform-app-maker and add /renew to the end of the URL

3. Open your Microsoft Learn profile and click on Certifications on the left e.g. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/users//certifications

@Julian Sharp Great. Thank you. 🙂

@Julian Sharp  links what you shared are for  “Microsoft 365 Certified: Teams Administrator Associate” and i am looking for “Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate

@Bhushan D find your certification on MS Learn and add “/renew/” at the end of web address. 🙂

@Bhushan D Microsoft 365 Certified: Teamwork Administrator Associate certification was retired in 2020 https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/m365-teamwork-administrator/ 


Where can I find the the free online assessments?


You can only see the online renewal assessment 180 days before an existing certification is due for renewal. You should automatically receive email when your certification is due for renewal with links to the free online renewal assessment.

If you don’t have the email, there are three ways you can find if you have a renewal assessment to perform:

1. At the top of your learning dashboard https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/learning/dashboard.aspx

2. Go to the certification page (not the exam page) e.g., https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/power-platform-app-maker and add /renew to the end of the URL

3. In your Microsoft Learn profile https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/users/me/certifications 

Thanks Julian,

I got the email, my question was about point number 3 which is mentioned above  (Take the free online assessment before your certification expires.)

Where can I find the “free online assessment“?

Could it be the Q and A after each module on Microsoft learn page such as https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/azure-administrator/


If you have the email, you have the link to the renewal assessment. I have also provided three other ways to where the assessments can be found

Simply add /renew to the end of the URL you have in your post e.g. https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/azure-administrator/renew 

I am about to give AZ 305, I am assuming the validity is 2 years, right? So the retake will be after 18months of passing the exam? NOTE: I haven’t appeared for AZ104 and don’t have any plans to appear for now.

thanks in advance.

All certification exams are now valid for 1 year but renewals are free (and online in Microsoft Learn) so you can take the renewal assessment between 6 months and 12 months of passing the exam. Renewals focus on the new features released in the past year

Hi  Team,

i want renew the my certificate Azure Solutions Architect Expert, please help me how to do


All the information required to renew a certification is contained in the post or in the answers to the post

Hello, is there any way to renew certification below, that is a part of the Skilling metrics in the new Solution partner program?

If anyone passed the exam MB-600 – what should do now?

Thank you. KL

@KatkaLabaj No you can’t renew that certification as it has expired and been replaced by the Power Platform Solution Architect Expert https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/learn/certifications/power-platform-solution-architect-expert/

You need to take the PL-600 exam which is also on the skilling metric for the new solution partner requirements

I blogged on this https://ukcrm.wordpress.com/2022/04/28/business-applications-solutions-partner/

I have Issue with taking the assessment,  Am not get access , I have finished  all the  Skills measured  still not getting  access any help /Support 

From the screenshot you have provided, you need to wait 20 days before you can take the renewal assessment 

Thank you for your support ,

The assessment will expired in 19 days .

I check from the Microsoft Lean ,I Pass this Exam without finishing AZ-500 certification training in the Leaning Portal 

I use difference resource to Pass the exam. 

Sorry I am confused. Can you answer these questions please:

1. Are you referring to the AZ-500 exam?

2. Have you previously taken and passed the AZ-500 exam?

3. What date did you pass the exam?

4. If you have taken the renewal assessment, how many times have you taken the assessment?

Note: You do not need to complete any Microsoft Learn modules to take the exam or the renewal assessment.

We’re just going through our new account so that I would like it for a certificate, and we will be there for all of us!!

How about Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate?  I cannot find the renew in the list.  Thanks.

Microsoft Certified: Windows Server Hybrid Administrator Associate is a very new certification, and created after this blog post, so no one will be due for renewal yet

I would be very surprised if there isn’t a renewal for this cert

Mine Certification AZ-204 is going to expire on May 04, 2023 and has validity of 2 years, this certification would be automatically eligible for renewal ? 

Microsoft Certified: Azure Developer Associate is on the list on the original post

Dear Team,

I renewed my AI 102 certification on 17th June by successfully passing the renewal exam. It has been more than 48 hours but my certification artifacts are still not updated with new extended expiration date.

Please help .

Thanks in advance. 

I have completed renewal for Dynamics 365 Associate consultant supply chain management but it is not showing in my badges and transcript, though in renewal assessment it is showing updated.

How much time it will take to reflect in my trancripts?


Varun Saroha

Update –

My certification status updated reflected in my profile after 24-48 Hrs. Everyone, please wait for same time after renewal.

moreover you can check in the renewal option for that exam. It starts showing next 6 months time for renewal after 2-3 hours of renewal updates.



my Power BI certification is expiring today and I gave exam today for Power BI to recertify.

after test why it said certification has expired already?

what could I do?


Hello, @Rajen_Choudhari I realize it’s kinda critical to answer, but I’m trying to make you aware that it could happen! As you mention that your BI is about to expire but has not expired yet? and meanwhile, you’ve performed a re-certified exam? So ((sometimes it takes time to update the status) you may also double-check the IDs you have used for the assessment because it could be two different IDs in one account as aliases), and about notification of the certification expiration? It’s just telling you the current status of your old BI Certification.

01: Check your exam credential.
02: Allow sometimes the system to get the update status.
03: You might receive an email confirmation from Microsoft learning with new features (cause Microsoft has a couple of sites/accounts been updated or moved/assigned to a new.

It would be helpful if TechCommunity Core/Educators
considered my answer by educating me (in cases of iniquity/omissions.)


Reaz Ali
@ALIREAZ USA | #alireaz

thanks Reaz Ali. I appreciate you taking time to explain.


I have renewed my PowerBi certificate today but Credley is not updating the expiry date on LinkedIn.

Microsoft Certification page is showing the new expiry date but its not updating on LinkedIn.



As far as I know LinkedIn certifications are not linked to Credly after you have added them to LinkedIn,

I would imagine that you need to update certifications in LinkedIn manually 

One needs to hare or update on linkedin manually. Certifications are still not linked directly with linkedin.

Perhaps you can edit the existing one or add new one with new validity to maintain renewal history.



The problem is on Microsoft certification page the renewal date is getting displayed correctl, but when I try to share the certification it first redirects to Credley and Credley is still showing the old expiry date.

I have manually updated my certificate on LinkedIn, the only problem is I had to remove url under show credentials option as that url is pointing to the Badge with old expiry date on Credley.

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