Samsung will unveil two ‘premium’ mobile devices at Unpacked, says TM Roh



In a blog post published today, Samsung’s head of mobile, TM Roh, hinted at what’s to come at Unpacked in a couple of weeks. And it’s all about Ultra.

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Samsung has just published a blog post by TM Roh setting the stage for February 1st, when the company will hold its first in-person launch event since the start of the pandemic. Roh doesn’t offer many concrete details but specifically mentions improvements to its smartphone camera system and tells us to expect two new devices that “set the new premium standard for innovation.”

Reading between the lines, it looks like that means two new Ultra devices — a lot like last year when we got the Note-esque S22 Ultra and massive Tab S8 Ultra tablet.

For Samsung, Ultra means big. Ultra means bold. Ultra means the best of the best in performance.

To take everyday experiences further, we redefine the essentials.

The upcoming Galaxy is all about camera, performance and sustainability. That’s why our pro-grade camera system is getting smarter. Our performance is getting more powerful.

And our connectivity is getting more seamless.

Our upcoming Galaxy redefines performance and quality, which is how we build on your trust. 

Between this blog post, previous leaks, and an earlier hint from Samsung, it seems highly likely that we’ll see the company’s new 200-megapixel sensor in the S23 Ultra. Leaks and rumors also point to a brighter display, a second periscope telephoto lens, and a Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 at the center of it all (at least in the US). The S22 Ultra already has one of our favorite mobile cameras of the past year, so we’ll be very interested to see what these camera updates look like.

As for the other Ultra, it’s very likely to be a Galaxy Book; Samsung’s preorder reservation site lists Galaxy Smartphone and Galaxy Book options (or both if you’re an overachiever).

Roh breaks down Samsung’s definition of Ultra like this: “For Samsung, Ultra means big. Ultra means bold. Ultra means the best of the best in performance.” But maybe in this next generation, Ultra will take on another informal definition: “has a stylus.” The S22 Ultra absorbed the Note and its S Pen integration, and it would make sense for a Galaxy Book with the Ultra name to carry the stylus integration through. All will be revealed soon enough: on February 1st, it’ll be pencils down as we find out exactly what Samsung has to offer.


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