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Save 37% on a Dyson dupe cordless vacuum that rivals the real thing

TL;DR: The JASHEN V18 350W Cordless Vacuum Cleaner is on sale for $209.99 as of March 13, making it 37% off its regular price of $336.

Dyson vacuums might have a cool factor associated with them, but it’s hard to justify their prices. Lots of brands have followed in the footsteps of Dyson’s ingenious bagless dirt collection system and trendy design — and most come up short. The Jashen V18 appears to be a worthy Dyson dupe, however, with many positive reviews across the web. And right now, it’s on sale for over $100 off.

Featured on Mashable before, the Jashen V18 is a super lightweight (just over six pounds) cordless vacuum that boasts impressive suction comparable to the Dyson V8, useful smart capabilities, and a battery life that offers 40 minutes of non-stop cleaning time. It’s similar to Dyson’s iconic stick vacuum aesthetic and modular design that can be transformed into a handheld model in an instant. 

If you have both carpet and hard floors in your home, you can easily swap the brush to suit your needs. The brush roller for carpet sits low to the ground, creating higher suction with zero opening and digging deeper into the carpet. The soft roller sits higher off the ground, allowing it to suck up larger dirt and debris on hard floors.

The Jashen boasts a four-stage filtration system designed to capture 99.99 percent of the fine dust in your home. Plus, it has a built-in dust sensor that automatically adjusts the suction to compensate for heavily soiled areas.

See it in action:

Keep an eye on your battery life and when your filter needs to be changed on the LED panel. And just like a Dyson, hang it up on your wall once your job is done. 

The Jashen V18 isn’t quite as powerful or capable as more advanced Dyson vacuums, like the V10 Absolute or V11 Animal, but it holds its own against the V8 Animal and beats its price tag at just $209.99 — 37% off.

Prices subject to change.

Credit: Jashen

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