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Save $40 on Shark’s rotating mop that turns water to steam for chemical-free cleaning

SAVE $40: The Shark Steam and Scrub All-in-One Steam Mop is on sale for just $139 at Walmart as of March 25 — that’s 22% off the regular price. If you’re looking for something to streamline spring cleaning, this powerful scrubber is up for the task.

Spring cleaning is like a much-needed palate cleanser before stepping into a new season of life. But it’s definitely more work than most of us are ready for — particularly if you’ve spent much of the last two years in your home. Having tools that streamline some of the necessary cleaning tasks, like scrubbing your floors, can take a little bit of the weight off your shoulders.

The Shark Steam and Scrub All-in-One Steam Mop is one of those tools, and it’s on sale for just $139 at Walmart as of March 25. That’s $40 (or about 22%) off its usual cost, just in time to enhance your spring cleaning measures.

There’s no need to go grab floor-cleaning chemicals. This Shark mop’s claim to fame is its ability to turn water into powerful steam, offering chemical-free sanitization that can remove up to 99.99 percent of bacteria on your floors. Choose from three steam modes depending on your cleaning situation — “deep” for stubborn stains, “normal” for everyday use, and “light” for quick cleanups — and instantly get to work.

The super-heated steam works alongside the automatic scrubbing mop head, which features two microfiber pads that rotate at 150 scrubs per minute, to offer a smooth and virtually effortless cleaning experience on your part. The pads are durable and designed to be gentle on all kinds of sealed hard floors, from hardwood to tile, while being tough on dirt and stains. Swivel steering and built-in LED lights make maneuvering around tight, dark spaces and navigating furniture a breeze.

One pain point users seem to have with the Steam and Scrub is the power cord. While it offers you a decent 22 feet in length, it can be cumbersome having to plug it in every time you change rooms, and can easily tangle while you mop.

If you don’t mind a knotted cord every once in awhile, this powerful mop can help you get the dirty job of cleaning your floors done with little effort otherwise.

Credit: Shark

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