Save 56% on a lifetime subscription to this helpful health app


TL;DR: A lifetime subscription to a Humanity Health App Premium Plan(Opens in a new tab) is on sale for £109.87, saving you 56% on list price.

Your everyday decisions don’t just affect the length of your life. Your healthspan is the length of time when you’re generally in good health, and there’s a lot to think about if you want to extend it. If you want to start learning about how you can extend your healthspan, then try the Humanity Health App(Opens in a new tab). A lifetime subscription to this pocket health guide is only £109.87.

So many of your habits can influence your healthspan, which is why Humanity Health can track your fitness, record your sleep, monitor your activity, and help you keep track of your nutrition. Based on all that information, you can get an estimated rate of aging that shows how you might be making your body feel older than it actually is. This is all shown in your Humanity score, and every positive action you take gives that score a little boost. Do yoga, use the pedals on your ebike. Cook yourself a delicious meal, or get to sleep at a reasonable hour and watch how your score moves up, just a little bit. 

This app won’t magically make you a healthier person, but it does give you information to start cultivating healthy habits. As your score improves, you may even notice your daily mood is also improving. Humanity Health could help you lean into that by giving you the tools to track your daily mood, whether you’ve meditated, and how you’re just feeling in general. It’s like a diary that also shows you the big picture of what your entries mean. 

Keep an eye on your daily decisions so you can see where they may lead you in the long run. Get a lifetime subscription(Opens in a new tab) to the Humanity Health App on sale for the best price online, £109.87 for a limited time. No coupon code needed. 


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