Save on AirPods with these Black Friday sales


We’ve put together the best AirPods deals as of Nov. 16, including savings on the AirPods Pro and renewed AirPods Max headphones:

  • AirPods Pro, the earbuds with the best active noise cancellation in the game — $197.00 $249.99 (save $53)

  • AirPods (2nd gen), longer stems but a lower price — $119.00 $159.00 (save $40)

  • Renewed AirPods Max, for those who have to have the over-the-ear experience — $413.71 $479.00 (save $65.29)

Savings season has arrived and we’re finally seeing some price drops on Apple products. With the recent third generation AirPods release, record price drops on the AirPods Max and second gen AirPods, and of course, the persistent popularity of the Pros, AirPods are shaping up to be a hugely popular gift yet again this holiday season.

How to get the best deal on AirPods this year

First thing’s first, you’re going to want to bookmark this post. We’ll be keeping it updated with the latest and greatest deals all the way through the shopping season.

Next, you’ll want to set some expectations. After speaking to supply chain experts, we found that AirPods, particularly the third generation and Pro models, are expected to be somewhat scarce this holiday season. That means you’ll want to shop sooner rather than later to ensure that once the holidays arrive, you have a present to give.

Black Friday savings have started earlier than ever to account for these shortages, so you won’t necessarily have to wait until the day itself to shave the most dollars off the list price. Again, we’ve already seen the second gen AirPods go for $89 at Walmart’s Deals for Days, which will be dropping it’s next batch of deals Nov. 22. If you can’t wait until then, Best Buy’s Black Friday sale officially starts Nov. 19, and of course, you can expect to see some sales from Amazon.

As per usual, we don’t expect Apple to drop any savings directly through their store, though they are offering six months free of an Apple Music subscription when your pair your AirPods and open up the Apple Music app. It’s worth noting though that for anyone who already owns AirPods who hasn’t yet subscribed to Apple Music, this offer is eligible without the purchase of a new pair of buds.

To kick off your AirPods shopping, we’ve gathered up the deals from across retailers — check them out below.

Black Friday deals on AirPods Pro

Credit: Apple

Why we like it

A comfortable fit, active noise cancellation, spatial audio — need we say more? Even with the release of the new generation of AirPods, the Pros remain the elite choice. If you’re looking to buy, we recommend being prepared come Nov. 22 — a little birdie (aka Walmart’s ad scan) told us they’ll be dropping to $159, for an additional $38 off. But be warned: they will almost certainly sell out fast.

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Black Friday deals on AirPods (third generation)

airpods third gen

Credit: Apple

Why we like it

To be totally honest, we recommend going for the Pros if you’re already willing to spend up to $175, as these buds don’t come with active noise cancellation or the interchangeable ear tips. With that said, they do sound great, have a longer battery life, and have that AirPods Pro look if you aren’t quite comfortable paying more.

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Black Friday deals on AirPods (second generation)

airpods second gen

Credit: Apple

Why we like it

Though certainly not the most updated earbuds on this list, the second gen AirPods still sound nice, have a decent battery life, and best of all, come without the steep price tag. Here’s hoping we see them drop back to $89 again before the holiday season is over.

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Black Friday deals on AirPods Max

silver AirPods max

Credit: Apple

Why we like it

Apple’s biggest headphones are also Apple’s priciest headphones, so buying renewed is a great way to save money. You’ll get to enjoy the active noise cancellation, spatial audio, and cool look of these headphones without shelling out over $500.

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