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Save over 25% on this smart pot stirrer in time for holiday cooking

TL;DR: As of Nov. 30, get the 3rd Generation StirMATE Variable Speed Smart Pot Stirrer for $47.99 with the code CMSAVE20 — that’s 26% off its regular price of $65.

It’s happened to all of us in our cooking journey — whether you’re just starting off by experimenting with basic Pinterest and TikTok recipes or you’re a seasoned pro. You put one concoction on the stove while you prep another one for the oven, end up getting overwhelmed, and burn the first thing in the process. Womp womp. With only two hands, it’s difficult to manage multiple things in the kitchen, particularly when you’re completely new to cooking. 

Fortunately, even professional chefs understand the struggle and have developed a third hand, so to speak, to help you in the kitchen. Meet the StirMATE VS.

The StirMATE VS is a smart pot stirrer that seamlessly attaches and self-adjusts to pots six to 12 inches in diameter and three to nine inches deep. It’s powered by both a rechargeable Li-Ion battery and a high-torque motor, so it can stir for up to 10 hours at once depending on food viscosity. By constantly stirring at variable speeds, it will prevent your food from sticking and burning, while simultaneously developing more flavor and better consistency.

Check it out:

Particularly helpful for soups, stews, risottos, chili, sauces, and other creamy concoctions, the StirMATE VS allows you to prep other ingredients, tend to other appliances, and even step out of the kitchen if you need to. It’s also a great helper for those with hand or wrist pain who can’t constantly stir a pot for long periods of time.

The StirMATE VS Smart Pot Stirrer is the third generation of this handy tool — and the best iteration yet, with a faster and more powerful motor with variable speed and quick-attach features for accessories. It’s usually $65, but for Cyber Monday, you can drop the price down to just $47.99 with the coupon code CMSAVE20.

Credit: Stirmate

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