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Shake up your summer (and save up to 75%) with these innovative gadgets

Summer is just around the corner. If you’re already counting down the days, allow us to help you pass the time by shopping for some really awesome deals. From cooking devices to camping essentials to an innovative way to kill weeds around your patio, here are nine unique summer finds on sale for up to 75% off.

This two-part bundle includes the Indiegogo-funded Wemax Go Portable Projector and a 50-inch mobile projector screen for the ultimate indoor or outdoor movie night. The projector has a 300 ANSI Lumen display, built-in WiFi, and is small enough to fit in your pocket. The screen, on the other hand, is free-standing and offers 4K display support. Slash 31% off the bundle for a limited time and get both for only $549.99.

Credit: Wemax

This sleek band looks like a watch, but actually uses an ultrasonic electric design to imitate the sound of insects to drive mosquitoes away. It comes in black or white and is made from silicone, so it’s soft and comfortable to wear. Plus, it keeps you from dousing yourself in DEET. Normally $39, you can save 57% and pick one up for only $16.99 for a limited time.

Black wristband with device in the middle

Credit: SafeTouch

This electric cooler from Costway keeps your food and beverages ice cold without actually needing any ice. It can reach temperatures as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit, charges up via car outlet or regular AC outlet, and an interior shelf tray to keep your stuff organized. It’s a great option for those who regularly take road trips, go camping, go to festivals, and so much more. Snag this summer must-have for $479.99 for a limited time — 31% off its usual cost.

Open silver cooler with beer inside next to front and side view of it, under pictures of family and car in the snow

Credit: Costway

Zap the weeds popping up through the driveway and walkway with this 3-in-1 grass-burning machine. It’s powered by electricity and has no open flame, so it’s safe to use. And with its 200W and 230V performance, you can get the job done quickly. Don’t mess with weed killer this season, snag this innovative device for $78.99 instead — that’s 21% in savings.

Long blue flame-igniting device with silver spout and black handle

Credit: Mesay

After getting charged up by the sun, the Hum Bug lantern can yield 12 hours of bug zapping and 16 hours of light, making it a solid camping companion. It utilizes LED lights to lure in mosquitoes and other annoying insects and zap them. Usually $79, you can snag one on sale for $19.99 — 75% in savings.

Blue LED lantern with lavender light

Credit: Tech Zebra

Get a little assistance at the grill with this wireless meat thermometer. Just insert it into the meat you’re cooking, choose the meat and method from the list on the app, and let the app alert you when it’s done. We featured its smaller sibling just last month, but you can get the full-sized MeatStick X on sale for $97.99 for a limited time.

Silver thermometer with black handle in box in front of dish of grilled meat

Credit: The MeatStick

Whether you have festivals, hiking adventures, camping trips, bike rides, or other fun stuff in the sun lined up this summer, this backpack can help keep you hydrated for it all. It’s durable, lightweight, and easy to carry around, can fit 67 ounces of water or hydration mix (like Nuun, Skratch, or Liquid IV), and lets you store all of your other essentials as well. It’s a must-have for any summer excursion and it’ll only cost you $25.99 (reg. $32) for a limited time.

Black backpack with blue water container connected to it

Credit: Unigear

This tabletop grill is the most fun you can have while cooking. It sits in the middle of the dining table, allowing everyone around it (six to eight people) to grill up their own creations. The reversible non-stick grill top includes eight non-stick melting pans along with eight scrapers, so the meal possibilities are endless. It’s regularly $99, but you can save 25% and get the Party Grill for only $74.99.

Two-layered black grill with various foods on it on blue table with dishes and drinks

Credit: Party Grill

Looking for ways to improve your golf game this summer? Check out the Caddie View Training System, featured recently, which combines a stick, control, and app to help you analyze your golf swing in full detail. Set up your phone on the mount, use the ergonomically designed control like a ball marker, and capture your swing in real-time to analyze it. The full system is yours for just $69.99.

Phone on stand recording person playing golf

Credit: Caddie View

Prices subject to change.

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