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Snag a Ninja blender back at its lowest price ever for one day only

Save 31%: There’s no better time of year for a new blender than summer. For Aug. 4 only, you can grab the Ninja Compact Kitchen System(opens in a new tab) for just $109.99 at Amazon — that’s a $50 price drop from its usual $159.99.

A quick list of reasons smoothies are great: they’re easy to make, they’re nutritious, and they’re at least one of the top five most refreshing drinks out there. But, if you’re not trying to pay $13 for every smoothie craving you have, investing in a blender can be way more cost effective.

Although we do love a Vitamix, it’s definitely not the most affordable option out there. The Ninja Compact Kitchen System, on the other hand, is even more price-friendly than usual, dropping down to $109 as an Amazon(opens in a new tab) deal of the day. That means that come Aug. 5, the discount will be gone.

Scoring $50 off a solid starter blender is already a good bargain, but we’d be remiss not to mention that this blender is back to its lowest price ever, according to the price tracking site camelcamelcamel.

With that, we’d like to go over a quick list of reasons the Ninja Compact Kitchen System is great: The 1200 watt motor can crush ice and frozen fruit without a problem, the 18-ounce single serve cup is perfect for smoothies for one, and the Auto-IQ settings help you get a consistently good blend (or chop, if you’re using the food processor attachment) without too much effort.

Though it does come with a processor bowl, chopping blade, and dough hook, you probably shouldn’t expect it to perfectly replicate the results of an actual food processor or stand mixer. But if you’re looking to save space or don’t feel like lugging one of the dedicated appliances out from the back of the cupboard, the Ninja could do in a pinch.

More than anything, it’s a solid starter blender at a price that’s hard to beat, but only for today only at Amazon.

Credit: Ninja

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