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Snag an Ember mug on sale before fall weather hits

Save $49.96: The stainless steel Ember Mug 2(opens in a new tab) is on sale at Best Buy for just $99.99 — a 33% discount on its original $149.95 price. This self-heating mug rarely goes on sale, and will be back up to its full price by tomorrow.

We get that the last thing most people want to be thinking about in the middle of August is a mug full of a hot beverage, but hear us out: Off-season shopping can be a great way for saving money.

Case in point: The Ember Mug 2, a self-heating mug that isn’t on sale all that often, is nearly $50 off and just $99.99(opens in a new tab) at Best Buy as a deal of the day. So while it may not be time for you to transition from iced to hot coffee just yet, you will want to act now if you’re interested, as these savings will be gone come tomorrow — and we do mean gone. At the time of writing, this mug is completely sold out on Amazon, and only available at full price pretty much everywhere else.

We’ve deemed this Ember the best of the best when it comes to self-heating mugs, and for good reason — it keeps your drink heated evenly at your preferred temperature from 120°F to 145°F without a hitch, thanks to the battery built in to the mug. That may seem like the baseline for self-heating mugs or heated coasters, but achieving that feat and avoiding a burned coffee taste isn’t easy. Somehow, the Ember mug can do both.

The app makes your preferred temp highly customizable, too, letting you adjust degree by degree within its range. Off the charger, the temperature will hold for one and a half hours. While your mug is in use, you can’t use the charging coaster to juice its battery back up, but it will keep the battery life from going any lower, and your drink warm.

This mug does only hold 10 ounces of liquid though, so you likely won’t need more than an hour a half to finish your morning coffee.

It’s a bit of a splurge purchase, but the stainless steel looks fancy, this mug performs as it says it will, and for folks that work from home or chronically pour coffee only to do 15 other tasks before actually taking a sip, the Ember Mug is a game changer. Check it out while it’s on sale for Aug.15 only at Best Buy.

Credit: Ember

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