Sonic The Hedgehog can actually spin in Lego’s new sets



Lego’s third stab at Sonic isn’t just a showpiece — you can actively play.

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Lego has made another fan toy dream come true: its new Sonic The Hedgehog sets actually let you send Sonic spinning through an entire miniature level.

This isn’t the first time Sonic has been recreated in Lego form — we got a picture-perfect recreation of Green Hill Zone in 2021 that’ll look great on a bookshelf and a tie-in for the Lego Dimensions video game in 2016. But if you want a playset like Lego’s Mario line, that’s just now happening for the very first time.

Each set has excellent references to the games: the flagship $100 Sonic’s Green Hill Zone Loop Challenge has classic fish and tree lizard foes, a two-part Dr. Robotnik boss that can float or stand on legs, forest creatures to rescue after he’s “defeated,” and a table where Sonic and Amy can enjoy a chili dog — in addition to the all-important launcher that’ll send a ball-encased Sonic spinning through a loop-the-loop, jumping through a ring, and bouncing over a bridge that Amy can pound to knock the fish out.

Click here for a full-size image. You can zoom to see all the details.

Click here for a full-size image. You can zoom to see all the details.

Dr. Robotnik is exclusive to the flagship set.

Dr. Robotnik is exclusive to the flagship set.

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If you want a larger course — or a much shorter one — the $35 Sonic’s Speed Sphere Challenge gives you just the launcher, an arch, and a ramp with a breakable Chaos Emerald point, plus some extra rings and spots for Sonic to DJ and eat a chili dog.

Sonic’s partner Tails can be had for $40 alongside his Workshop and Tornado Plane:

And for $50, Amy’s Animal Rescue Island has a waterfall slide, another Chaos Emerald hiding inside a triggerable trap, and a secret doorway, alongside Amy, Tails, and a crab enemy.

Between this and the recent Indiana Jones sets, I would say Lego’s on a roll.

Here’s hoping those Lego Legend of Zelda rumors come true.


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