Sour Starbursts and French Pokémon: The 8 best tweets of the week


Though it seems like it was just New Year’s Eve, we’re now almost entirely through the month of January. That’s pretty wild, right? Time, what a menace. Before you know it, it’ll be summertime and, my friend, it won’t be a moment too soon.

But for now, we’ve still got to wrap up the end of January and, you know, slog through the final weeks of winter and then get through spring and all that.

That in mind, it’s been a good week for tweets to round out the month. While you wait for February, why not enjoy some good posts? We rounded up eight of our favorite tweets for you to enjoy this week, just like we always do. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

1.This is perhaps the best nickname I’ve ever heard.

2. I need sour Starbursts right now. This is a fantastic idea.

3. This one might mean nothing to you, but guess what? It means a lot to me.

4. An obligatory dril tweet.

5. And yet another dril tweet.

6. I never imagined a French Pokémon before, but now I love the idea.

7. Yes, this sounds like such a lovely vibe. No more considering, just being mindless.

8. And finally, this is something that would stick with a person, for sure.


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