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STEM: At-Home Learning Opportunities & Activities

With recent changes to our every day life, many kids are at home with their parents or caregivers. If your children are looking for hands-on learning opportunities, we have that covered. Check out these three at-home STEM activities for active kids who love to learn.

3 STEM Activities for Active Learning at Home

Learning at home is easy when the weather is nice and creativity levels are high. Instead of scratching your head trying to come up with some games, why not try some STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) activities you will all enjoy?

STEM Baking or Cooking

Did you know that cooking is one of the easiest, tastiest and most fun ways to learn science? You’ll both be using math skills when you measure ingredients, and exploring the world of chemistry as things change states — from solid to liquid, liquid to gas — and then from ingredients into a delicious finished product.

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Not only will your child be learning without realizing it, but you’ll also be bonding and laughing from the time spent together making yummy messes.

At-Home STEM Physics

If you have a minute, you have time to learn a physics lesson! Minute Physics on YouTube is a great way to get in some fun learning, and yes – even a little screen time. Your little scientist will love all the new things they learn about the physical world while watching cool videos.

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Plus, there are plenty of YouTube channels focused on STEM subjects and many have engaging experiments that you can do together with ingredients you already have at home.

Creative STEM Upcycling

Have some odds and ends around the house that are collecting dust? Upcycling is a great way to take some items that aren’t necessarily being used anymore, add some creativity, and end up with a final result that will wow your family.

You can even build simple machines that will help your budding scientist learn more about the basic principles of engineering and movement.

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Don’t let a change in routine get you in a rut! Pick something fresh and fun to try every few days, and you’re sure to keep your kids engaged and educated — and they will love every minute!

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